Dogboe brings royal storm to NYC

By David Finger

Sometimes in boxing you can sense it even if you don’t quite see it. You know that the storm is coming…even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

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Well, if 2018 proved anything it was this: Isaac “The Royal Storm” Dogboe is ready to touch down and change the sport in a big way. He isn’t looking to be another champion. Champions ultimately come and go. No, he is promising something else, something bigger. And deep down a lot of people in boxing know that this is more than just talk. They can feel the change in the weather whenever he walks into the room. They can sense the storm is about to touch down and wreak havoc on everyone and anyone who might stand in his way to greatness.

Of course, this is boxing…and all it takes is one tough, gritty kid from Mexico City to stand up to the Storm and completely flip the script. All it takes is one perfectly timed right hand and a heart of a champion in the body of a 23-year old Mexican brawler to prove the world wrong and derail the storm before it can even touch down.

But then again, standing up to a storm is easier said then done. Because if Isaac Dogboe’s advisor, Mike Altamura, is correct then we should expect the best Isaac Dogboe to show up Saturday night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. There is too much on the line…greatness. A big win and we might just end up saying that December 8 was the day that the Storm made landfall in America. It may be the day that we realized that Isaac Dogboe is not just a champion…that he is a superstar.

Altamura and Dogboe didn’t take an easy path for his ESPN televised fight. Emanuel Navarrete is widely seen as one of the toughest young 122-pound contenders in the world. But he is also taking a huge step up in competition. But at the end of the day Navarrete is also the one man standing in the way of the “Royal Storm”.

Isaac Dogboe and his trainer and father Paul Dogboe took time to speak to Fightnews after the weigh-in for tonight’s fight.

Thanks for speaking with us Paul. Right off the bat, Isaac came in at 120.8. Why did he weigh in so low?

Paul Dogboe: As you know, the kid struggles to make the weight but he can make the weight. We said we were going to make the weight easy and we made the weight. We don’t want him to struggle to make the weight. We believe he is going to go up to 126 and one year after than go to lightweight and you know, there two to three years and then move up.

How is Isaac recovering and spending his last day before the fight? How are you rehydrating him?

Paul Dogboe: I can’t tell you my secret of rehydration but we just made him a chicken and potato soup and we have him drinking Pedialyte and water. Just going for a walk now also.

What do you know about your opponent tomorrow?

Paul Dogboe: We think we will chop the tree down by the middle part, not the roots, and take him out.

Isaac, how do you feel today now that you have the weigh-in behind you?

Isaac Dogboe: I feel great. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

You got the chance to get a good look at your opponent at the weigh-in. What was your take of Emanuel Navarrete?

Issac Dogboe: Well, I always say the battle belongs to the Lord and come tomorrow I think God will intervene and grant us a victory. All the talk is done, we have to come in level-headed.

You came in a little underweight. Why was that?

Issac Dogboe: We made the weight but it is a struggle making weight. That is one of the reasons why we want to move up…once we unify.

Isaac that has been something you’ve mentioned before…your desire to unify the titles. I realize you are focused on Navarette but is it your goal to unify 122 before moving up or is the weight becoming too much of a concern?

Issac Dogboe: I realize it will be a blessing. Our main focus is on Emanuel Navarrete. Always take it a step at a time.

What is Emanuel Navarrete’s greatest weapons going into tomorrow’s fight?

Issac Dogboe: Willingness to fight. He is tall and rangy with a powerful right hand. We’ve got a task in front of us.

What is Isaac Dogboe’s greatest weapon going into his fight tomorrow night?

Issac Dogboe: (Laughing): Tomorrow night you’ll find out. Everyone will find out.

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