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  • Sorry, but sign up for ESPN+ and still buy this fight on PPV thru ESPN+? Nope. Will simply wait for a leaked copy once the fight is over. Besides, the man in the red suit is upon us next month. That means many gifts to buy, spirits to drink, and food to eat! My money is going towards the man in the red suit aka Santa. LOL

    • I hear you and it sucks we have to pay so much as Boxing fans, to see the best compete. But also hope fans support good fights when they are made. Fighters should be rewarded when both fighters are taking a risk and daring to be great. Their value comes from PPV numbers these days.
      I dont like replays because immediately I can tell if it was KO or decision by the length of the video. Ruins the suspense. Sometimes they put the damn result as the title of the video.
      The value is in making an event with a few of your die hard Boxing buddies and watching a cant miss fight.

      • Hard to do these days-have many friends who like sports but none follow boxing any more.

  • I dont mind paying an annual subscription for ESPN plus as it gives a good amount of content and value for your money but don’t charge extra and make something a ppv that is BS. Also for fans that want to pay they should be given the opportunity on all services cable satellite etc this is total garbage. If you have to do it this way charge your ESPN+ subscribers $9.95 or something. Or do it DAZN way free for subscribers but also available to buy for nonsubscribers

  • For me, if its a fight I would be interested in seeing in person- then I figure a PPV charge saves me money. Easily hundreds for a local card, and as high as a couple grand for out of town. I can see many people will be hesitant with the holidays coming up and the set funds are for gifting but people are used to shelling out extra money this time of year also.
    Arum wants to get out of the red like everyone else.

    • I remember back in the day Atlantic City boxing was the best. When the Duvas had Main Events with Bobby Czyz, Livingston Bramble, Arturo Gatti, Tony Ayala and lesser guys like Kenny Bogner. I think they were based in Totowa? Then they went big time signing the 84 Olympians.

  • On a side note i find that You Tube removes full fight videos immediately but Daily Motion keeps them up Daily Motion a much better option. Also Allthebestfights sometimes finds Russian replay feeds and they never get taken down but when they post theYouTube link it usually is removed right away.

  • Way way WAY overpriced. That’s almost as much money as a full year subscription to DAZN, which showed Usyk-Joshua live without any extra charge.

  • DAZN is the best value for boxing. If there is content that you want to watch on ESPN+ besides boxing, that may also be a good value in terms of adding another monthly streaming fee.

    It is a little disingenuous to say that the PPV price for this non-heavyweight and non-Canelo fight is cheaper (which it should be) without factoring in the ESPN+ subscription fee.

    I just paid for Fury-Wilder III and Canelo-Plant. I don’t think I am going to buy another PPV this year.

  • I’ll be watching this thru TV Azteca, it plays immediately after the live broadcast an it’s free. For all those that do not live close to the U.S/MX border the MX live TV apps are easily found online.

    • Does TV Azteca show the complete ppv or just main event? Also how long after completion of the live card does TV Azteca show it? 1 hour next day etc?

  • The boxing equivalent of getting a PSL, so that you have the “privilege” of buying tickets to individual games. Enjoy it, suckers!

  • Gary G are you able to pick up this ppv on the stick like the others? Its only available ppv ESPN+ so wondering if that changes things?

    • Johnny:
      I know for a fact that I can watch DAZN on the stick.
      I believe that I can get ESPN+ : I’ll let you know if I can watch Porter / Crawford.
      FYI: I was not able to watch the Mungia / Rosado fight using my Kodi app for whatever reason – I had to watch it on the “Live Sports” app, and this worked out very well.
      – Take care.

  • Bunch of crybabies. The same people who bought all of Floyd’s Bs pay per views over the years. We have been paying for top fight for 30 years. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. That simple. Just stop all the bitching.

    • – I honestly can’t remember the last PPS (Pay-Per-Screw) fight that I purchased. I always had some kind of cheater box even going back to the Tyson / Lewis fight in 2002.
      – Now, with the advent of the Amazon Fire Stick, after the original $35 purchase price, I can watch any PPS event for free. This also includes watching every TV show, TV series, and movie ever made.
      – I just can’t fathom why people spend money on PPS when they can be “one and done” with the Stick.

      • Some people consider it cheating or even stealing for others it might just be to confusing to figure it out.
        I talked to one of our radio show guys and told him I would be watching one of our college basketball games online for free instead of going or buying the way overpriced ppv $45..he went off on me like I stole the queens jewels basically called me a thief and said I was screwing the school as well as all honest working people.

        • – I initially bought the Stick to watch free TV and movies and to tell Comcast (one of the country’s most hated companies) to take their $225 / month cable bill and rotate on it.
          – The free sports channels were an added benefit that I didn’t see coming.

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