Covid KOs Joe Smith Jr. defense

Star Boxing announced today that WBO light heavyweight champion Joe Smith Jr’s October 30 title defense against Umar Salamov will be postponed due to Smith Jr. testing positive for COVID-19. The fight was set to be officially announced this week and expected to sell out quickly. A rescheduled fight date will be announced soon.

Joe Smith Jr: “I was in camp working hard. I am very disappointed that I won’t be able to defend my title in October due to having COVID. When I am better I will be back in the gym preparing to fight as soon as I can and put on a great show for all my fans.”

Promoter Joe DeGuardia: “We are disappointed that we must postpone Joe Smith’s first world title defense in front of his dedicated New York fanbase.” DeGuardia continued, “Currently, our sole focus is to make sure that Joe is healthy and we wish him a speedy recovery. News on a rescheduled fight date will be announced soon.”

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  • I wonder if he did get the injections. Not mentioned here. Also what about the other boxers who tested positive for Covid, before their title defenses. If not, shouldn’t this perhaps be made mandatory. It was not mentioned either about the other champions before their title defenses.

    • The jab doesn’t prevent getting Covid or dying from Covid. Should not be made mandatory. the injection is risky itself.

      • Wow, your statement got 9 thumbs down to 2 thumbs up. I just thumbs up’d you for 3 though fellow patriot.

    • Nicolas, no. No one should be forced to put a chemical in their body if they don’t want to.

    • I will be the guinea pig for everyone who did not get the mRNA vaccine. I received the vaccine in January 2021 and so far, no problems. I will keep checking in….. 🙂

      • Scooby Doo, I’m fully vaccinated myself so I’m not against it. All I’m saying is people shouldn’t be forced to put a chemical that they don’t want to. At that point someone else is telling a person what they can or cannot do with their body.

        • That’s a great thing to say Whetto. I’m not vaccinated, and never will be, but we might find ourselves on the same side of the barricade. A lot of people seem to think it’s ok for a dictator to dicate as long as they dicated things they like. But it doesn’t end there. It will always come back and bite them in the ass, when they start dictating things they DON’T like. I’ve been called “anti-vaxxer” a lot, which is a complete lie. I’m pro medical freedom. Whatever rocks your boat. I’m also AGAINST medical discrimination of any kind. I’d defend the right for a person to get vaccinated if someone tried to ban them from getting their jab. It works both ways. I’m pro freedom, against mandating any medical procedures. But also against stopping people from getting these procedures if it come to this.

      • It’s not about if “everyone in the world will get negative reaction from it” but “if the state should have the right to FORCE a jab (I call it a jab because it’s not a vaccine, but experimental gene therapy) on humans. No one is stopping you from getting monkey adrenoviruses, kidney cells from aborted HUMAN fetuses and aluminium into your body. Your body your choice. But don’t even try to force anything on me.

    • you can STILL GET COVID if you are VAXXED! You can STILL SPREAD COVID if you are VAXXED!

  • I pray he gets better but in a way this could be a blessing in disguise because Umar Salamov is no easy fight. Guy hits hard and has never been knocked out.

  • He was working hard in training when all of the sudden he was tested positive for COVID? Some deadly virus this COVID is, huh? You can actually engage in extreme cardio activities while infected with it. A chest cold is deadlier than COVID. LMAO!

    • More and more people are catching up – I’m glad. Of course – it’s just a “test”, which isn’t a test, but a laboratory amplification technique that can’t tell anything about the “viral load” (if someone is infected or not). The inventor of the PCR, Kary Mullis, said this very clearly.

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