Chisora erupts at London press conference

At a press conference in London for Regis Prograis-Josh Taylor, heavyweight Derek Chisora demanded that his co-feature bout with Joseph Parker be made the main event. Then after an f-bomb filled tirade, he stormed out. WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE.

Derek Chisora: Either you give me the main event or pull me out of the f__king show. Who’s taking the main event? I’m going to go ballistic now. I want more money now. I’m not selling out the 02 for these guys to come and take my fans. No. If that’s the case, pull me out of it…f__king Muhammad Ali trophy, no one gives a f__k about it no more. Nobody gives a f__k about little guys no more…You’re just f__king me with no vaseline…nobody gives a f__k about the Ali trophy. The heavyweights are back now. When AJ knocked out Klitschko, he said ‘no more money to the small guys, the money’s going back to the heavyweights!'”

Prograis-Taylor kickoff press conference
Star Boxing announces fights for Sept 20 card

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  • Aww…. Is da poor widdle guy scared to face Joseph Parker?! The poor widdle baby….. he just scared!!

    • Not at all. Parker only has 3 stoppage wins in 13 fights going all the way back to 2015 against class C fighters. if anything this fight goes the distance.

  • DC had started to grow on me as a person but he’s being a total idiot here. Just wondering if it can’t be a co main event with a toss of the coin deciding which fight is first?
    Also (take AJ out of the equation) are the HWs doing bigger numbers than the lighter weight?

    • No, no they are not. If you take Joshua out of the heavyweight division the rest of the guys are making okay to shit money. A Parker vs chisora fight is a crossroads battle in a crowded heavyweight division. Prograis vs Taylor is for the lineal Junior welterweight championship never mind the Ali trophy. chisora needs to understand that he’s a journeyman fighter and not a headliner. I am also glad that prograis stood up to bully ass chisora and said that the number one and two were fighting. I hope that hearn boots his ass off the show now and he makes nothing. I’m sure that the same amount of fans will show up to the O2 in London. Chisora needs to stop drinking at the press conferences.

  • I kinda understand but like another poster just said.. He was really making good sense and pulling in fans.. He kinda went off the rails a bit.. Alk the same.. I like him as a fighter. He comes to shred no matter what.

  • Honestly.. I like that he called out Eddie Hearn on the spot. It takes balls! He’s his own man and hes got a good point. I like it.

  • The Prograis – Taylor fight is a higher quality match up than Chisora – Parker but both are interesting match ups. I think its a great card, regardless of who will be the main event. Any boxing fan will be eager to see both fights.

    • I wrote my comment above before I watched the entire clip. Chisora is making a valid point: Prograis and Taylor are a higher quality match up but they can’t sell out the 02 arena. Chisora and Parker can.

      I hope that the dispute can be worked out, but really, these are two good fights and I don’t think it matters that much who fights last on the card.

    • No, the battle at Junior welterweight deserves to be the main event because it has more significance for the sport then a journeyman and an x champ.

  • So you mean to tell me two legitimate proven champions who don’t have as much as a blemish between them should be sidelined by two guys who can’t even beat second tier contenders/ mandatories in a division of mediocrity. Yeah makes perfect sense. Chisora is punch drunk and should get checked before letting him fight. These HW’s are getting inflated checks for looking like blimpies.

    • I don’t think I could have said it any better myself Clyde. the heavyweights do not control the sport and are not the glamour division. I have always been opposed to that notion even when some of the aficionados and old timer said it. Let me be very clear when I say this “big guys cannot fight for s***” even the best heavyweight in history has never been the pound-for-pound top five, EVER. Somewhere between lightweight and middleweight has always had the very best pugilist and the sports throughout history. The lineal championship at 140 lb will always trump two non Titleist in the big faggot division. Big guys should stick to playing football and lifting weights because they suck at fighting, and that goes for the MMA faggots too. Usyk will prove my point very soon when he is the lineal heavyweight champion.

    • The boxing purists know that the two legitimate proven champions are more deserving, but the fans that fill up the stadiums will know the names Chisora, Parker, and not really these other deserving boxers names. Dangerous big punching heavyweights, even second rate heavyweights like Chisora, just always easier fill up stadiums. The smaller boxers need to have more to their resume and attitude to get this right. Unfair, but it just works like that.

  • I for one, am more interested in Chisora-Parker than those other two, whom I’ve nevr heard of. Chisora does have balls to call Hearn out like that. You gotta love a fighter, who’s in there training his ass off, and in the ring trading punches, risking and inflicting injury, calling out the guy in the suit who profits off them. Im sure Prograis and Taylor are fine fighters and will put on an amazing show, but Chisora is right, people want to see the heavyweights with name recognition. Plus right then and there at the press conference he’s doing more to promote the card!

    • Chisora who got sparked by Dillian Whyte and is a gate keeper. The HW division is getting attention but only the three names are what people care about Wilder, AJ and Fury with Ruiz in the mix. Not the third tier contenders who people will support but without a leg to stand on.

    • If you have not heard of the two guys competing for the lineal championship at 140 lb then you are a stupid part-time casual fan and we don’t give a s*** what you think.

      • Chris the Nerd-I have not heard of Prograis nor Taylor, partially because I have a life but more importantly, I am not interested in following every boxer that puts on a pair of gloves, which I can pretty much guarantee you have not. I have. I love the sport of boxing both as a competetir, trainer, and fan and have prolly been involved in the sport for twice as long as you’ve been alive. What’s with these nerds accusing boxing fans of being “casuals” these days? I would love to sit you down and school you on the craft of boxing, but it would go in one ear and out the other while you sit there and showcase your knowledge on the current crop of champions whos title changes hands like feet change socks

        • Kris, thank you for that comment. I don’t get that whole “casual” thing. I’m a fan and don’t know everything. My years watching boxing allotted me some knowledge to make observations and make comments. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m not. But these people out there are quick at labeling somebody with these names just because their post may sound incorrect.

          • Calling someone a “casual” is just jargon computer dorks who think they’re experts because they scroll boxing sights on the internet are using.I would love to see what some of these guys actually look like! Better yet, I probably wouldn’t!

          • That’s Chris Smith’s go to put down, calling anyone who disagrees with him a “casual”. He’s a racist and only loves white boxers and absolutely despises any boxer of color, especially Hispanics. Don’t take his comments to heart, he’s one who hides behind his keyboard.

    • Its weird seeing a casual fan like yourself on this website. Watch Prograis vs Taylor it might just steel the show.

  • I think Chisora is right on his argument, but he should be less arrogant and moderate his language to made his claim more serious. Let be clear in this: Taylor has a good fan base in the UK, but Prograis doesn’t. From men to men, Prograis vs. Taylor fight has less pedigree than Chisora vs. Parker. Despite both undefeated, they have never been in the type of main events Parker and Chisora have been involved. Parker with Andy Ruiz, Whyte, AJ, Dimitrenko…..Chisora, with some exceptions, has faced the best heavyweights. One more fact that we could add is the importance of both fights. In here, even though Prograis vs. Taylor is a unification fight between two undefeated champions, Chisora vs. Parker is a more important fight, that might put the winner in route to dispute a more expensive title, and is the one that most likely will fill the arena that night

    • Mike, do you seriously think that if Taylor and prograis we’re not on this card that Joseph Parker vs dereck chisora would sell out the O2 arena? I think if you have any sense in your head you will answer a definitive NO to that question.

      • British fans LOVE their fighters and the Sport. Chisora is almost always in entertaining fights, so yeah, they’d sell it out.

        However, I’m not so sure that Taylor vs Prograis wouldn’t sell it out as well. The Brits are a knowledgeable lot and they are definitely enjoying a golden era for their countrymen (and women) right now.

  • I think Chisora’s point is arguable.. Honestly.. Prograis is not a bigger known name.. The big guys are good and should at the very least be co-main event. Chisora has every right to argue that. The big guys historically do have the angle. It was nice for a man to speak his mind and watch eddie Hearn squirm..

  • @Kris Pissedofferson, you are spot on!!! I think he did actually make himself the main act with that rant to eddie Hearn! Mission accomplished! I like Chisora.. He tells it like it is.. I didnt always.. But good on him for calling stuff out!

    • Not a chance Roy. Parker won’t engage enough early on to allow Chisora that chance. He’ll have opportunities, but Parker’s chin and boxing will see him through. I think a UD for Parker is most likely.

  • He is right why should he made to feel he’s second fiddle since his fight is a big heavyweight fight though not a world title fight, and he is well known to the English boxing fans compared to the fighters fighting in the world championship fight.but he has fought a quite a few big fights already.

  • Can’t gibb him main event but he ken pay da heavyweights mor money. i’m a hundred percent wit dat.

  • I don’t think the debate here is which is the better quality match up. If it is Taylor and Prograis without doubt is and is of more significance boxing wise. The main debate is who has more fans and is more known to the wider public and you cannot dispute that the heavyweight fight is. Therefore you can understand del boy getting pissed at the fact he’s getting less money for bringing the people in. Does this excuse this behaviour no , is his behaviour entertaing and hilarious absolutely.

  • Well DC just screwed himself out of possible future fights,,I always looked at him as a D+ fighter so he can trash the Ali trophy all he wants , He was at a Crossroad in his career and he couldve acted like he had some smarts and took the fight regardless of the Money

  • A journeyman that has stepped up 9 times and been swatted down 9 times is demanding more money? He should be fighting hobos in the soup line. It is his antics that keep him getting paid. Why do we give these useless twats our time?

    • You are an idiot if you believe that.
      He was robbed against helenius and whyte first fight. Klitchko hardly swatted him either. The kabayel fight he never seemed interested in for some erason but never got swatted in that either
      So theres 4/9 he never got swatted in.

    • Rob, there are two reasons why we pay attention to Chisora:

      1) he comes to fight!

      2) he fights in a moribund Division, so he’s more contender than you’d care to admit. After the top 4 or 5, Chisora would have a very good chance against any of the other ‘contender’ or prospects.

  • Chisora is right and he is wrong. It is probably true that the heavyweight fight will draw more people but it is definitely not the more significant fight in boxing terms. As for his way of expressing himself, well he has been known to lose it from time to time.

  • As Chris says Parker/Chisora is unlikely to do the numbers by itself either.
    And it’s not like you’re guaranteed a spectacle in a Chisora fight. He’s been in some stinkers.
    If I was Hearn I would never deal with him again. See if he can get the same money elsewhere?

  • Prograis/Taylor is a more interesting and meaningful fight than Chisora/Parker, regardless of belts or trophies. I don’t know where Chisora got the idea that people decided only heavyweights were important a few years ago.

  • We like fire… Don’t we?!?!? So what if chisora has losses.. He comes every single time with bad intentions and he doesnt back up. The guy SMACKED VITALI KLITSCHKO IN THE FACE! I don’t know about you guys..but this is shades of Mike Tyson. We need to enjoy him and appreciate him calling out any promoter…because they are ALL in for the take! Good for Chisora! I hope they are all good fights and everyone comes out safe. These promoters do need to be humbled and sometimes they make themselves unreachable.. He called Hearn out on the world stage where he couldn’t run and hide in an office.. I find that awesome!

  • The more i watch this.. The more smug I see from Eddie Hearn and how he deserved that verbal pasting from Chisora!

  • I get where Chisora is coming from, he has stayed busy and fought all top end heavyweights and should be the main event, especially since he has promoted himself and Parker to sell out
    15, 000 at the 02.

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