Chavez: Someone is going down, for the fans!

“No headgear in the last round.”

By Przemek Garczarczyk

Ring legend Julio Cesar Chavez talks about his upcoming fight against Hector Camacho Jr, taking off headgear and just give it to the fans, why he lost his first fight, and why he could be undefeated for 100 fights.


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    • May not be the GOAT, but over-rated? I was his fan until he acted like a clown vs Randall.

  • Chavez used to seriously bust people up. Look what he did to Meldrick Taylor’s face (and kidneys), Sammy Fuentes, Edwin Rosario, Angel Hernandez, etc, etc. What Margarito did to Cotto in their first fight, Chavez did to opponents routinely. Amazing how much damage those short, not particularly fast punches did. Seriously, can’t think of anybody else who regularly mangled faces the way Chavez did. Amazing.

    • Thats right, Chavez did bust people up pretty easy. Could it be Margarito got his hand wrapping techniques from Chavez???

    • So what you’re saying is that Chavez cheated throughout his career with loaded gloves.

      • I’m saying, Chavez busted people up like I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been watching boxing for a long time. He didn’t look all that fast or explosive. Was AMAZED at the damage that guy was able to do on a consistent basis. According to Dr Flip Homansky, who examined Taylor after the Chavez fight: “Meldrick suffered a facial fracture, he was urinating pure blood, his face was grotesquely swollen…this was a kid who was truly beaten up to the face, the body, and the brain.” Keep in mind, Taylor was outpunching him all night. Chavez looked like a tortoise in comparison, yet was doing a ridiculous amount of damage. Never understood how Chavez was able to do that kind of damage consistently like that. Taylor suffered the same kind of damage that Billy Collins suffered against Luis Resto.

        • Has anyone checked his gloves? Chavez definitely seems like a shady character that would take a shortcut to win.

      • Just for the heck of it, I Googled “Julio Cesar Chavez loaded gloves”, and found that I’m not the first to question this. Somebody on a different forum brought this subject up back in 2018. I hadn’t previously seen that person’s post, but it was extremely similar to the one I just made. Tyson, Roy Jones, Hopkins, Mosely…..none of these dudes had anything on Chavez when it came to f’n people’s face up.

        Aside from Chavez, always thought that Aaron Pryor was on the shady side. Aside from the “mixed drink” thing in the Arguello fight, he had the same trainer that Luis Resto had, Panama Lewis. Resto was the fellow who fought Billy Collins with padding removed from his gloves, as well as plaster on his hand wraps. He likely would have gotten away with it if one of Collins’ cornermen hadn’t caught it. Can’t believe that was Panama Lewis’ first time cheating.

        The other: Tommy Morrison. The dude came back from the Rocky movie with an entirely new physique. Suspected roids there, which supposedly turned out to be true.

  • One of the baddest mf of all time. When he beat you you were never the same. Some people just read too much and know nothing about boxing.

  • Won his first 85- 87 fights, the countless wars with the likes of Rosario, ramirez, Lockridge, Laporte, Taylor with hardly showing any physical damage! After taking all that punishment against Taylor he should have been busted up pretty good! It was revealed in a ct-skan he’s got an extra thick skull! The late, great Emanuel Steward said Chavez was the strongest fighter he had ever worked with!
    The dude was a freak of nature! Nothing illegal in his gloves only his heavy hands.

  • I’ve been watching boxing for 40 years. Chavez is the most complete fighter I’ve ever seen. He is the king!

  • Ive always been surprised how poorly Chavez reputation has held up over time.

    At this point you could make an argument that hes underrated.

    He was a heavy handed , non stop puncher with an incredible chin that combination along with his stamina made him very difficult to beat. He beat alot of really good fighters.

    He began to lose as he got older and heavier and the wear and tear of 80+ fights caught up to him. He was amazing for the first 15 years of his career.

    The he accusations of him using loaded gloves are baseless.

    Yep he fought a lot of nobody’s. He also fought and beat the best fighters of his time at jr.light, light, and jr welter. He ducked NO ONE even when he was old and had no chance of winning.

    His poor sportsmanship post Randall has hurt his rep more than anything else.

    • Chavez definitely has a great resume, is in the HOF, as he should be, being that there’s no proof of any wrongdoing on his part. Just saying, he’s in a class of his own when it came to busting people up. Again, he didn’t look all that explosive. Maybe the dude just had EXTREMELY heavy hands. Just odd that Shane Mosely or Roy Jones, for example, could tattoo an opponent all night long and not do a fraction of the damage that Chavez would consistently do. Not sure how common it’s been, but loaded gloves IS a thing in this sport. Margarito had something on his hand wraps that hardened with moisture. Thankfully Nazim Richardson (not the commission) happened to catch that in the locker room. Margarito and his team are certainly not the first to pull this crap.

      BTW, what was Margarito’s before & after record when it came to getting caught cheating? The dude was very much average when he didn’t have that advantage. Anybody believe that the Mosely fight was his first time cheating?

      • shane mosley was a power puncher early before he moved up in weight, also used the clear/steroids which is how he beat DLH. jones had power and speed but rarely loaded up on power shots and he fought a cautious and safety first style after his buddy mclellan was hurt in the ring. chavez however threw power shots consistently to any and every opening he could find. he had heavy hands without a fastball which is what causes damage like that after time. it accumulates as opposed to someone with one punch power that is able to take his man out early, just like GGG. chavez really was incredible to watch far more entertaining than these guys today that are afraid to to take a punch. and for margarito, he was lumping cotto up in the second fight before he was stopped. honestly if that went a few more rounds i think cottos face would have ended up looking the same as it did when margs hands were loaded in the first fight. cotto fought smarter in the second fight tho. as far as loaded hands you have to include tito trinidad as well. papa tito knew how to wrap those hands to make ’em serious weapons. Bhops ppl watched and made him re-wrap them correctly and then whooped that azz.

      • @Whetto Not sure what Wade is referring to, but I believe it might be Chavez threatening to sue Richard Steele in the post fight interview because of Steele taking a point away for a low blow. He wasn’t exactly a graceful loser that night in a fight which he clearly lost.

  • Some great conspiracy theories here – most absolute bollox. Mosley and Jones different types of fighters – pointless comments really. Both proven drug cheats. JCC JNR looks like he’s on the Big Macs, the spider has no chin. I’ll get a six pack and watch this trash to pass away an evening. I’m rich so I can watch whatever I like.

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