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    • He is right now after this. You can’t really make an argument against it that doesn’t hold water.

    • King, don’t get too far ahead of yourself since you were in “awe” over watching a fresh KO last night! LOL…Alvarez KO’d an aging fighter who saw the opportunity to make a nice retirement check for his 401K. Kovalev was pooped out and was bait for the KO punches! Not the same fighter he was during the Hopkin’s match! My 2 cents…..

    • Bullshit he didn’t beat any fighter in his prime and is allways chasing old past their prime or weak champs just to ad belts who are meaning nothing to the true boxing fans… Why didn’t he chose Beterbiev, Gvodzyk or Bivol to ad a lightheavyweight belt at his collection ?! Don’t reply i know the answer, Canelo’s fans are just casuals or countrymates from Mexico..

  • These are pretty solid cards. Canelo had more punches landed and not power punches landed by the 9th and Kovalev wasn’t throwing any power so he wouldn’t gas out.

  • If you can make Kovalev vs Canelo, you can make Crawford vs Lomachenko at a catchweight. Because Crawford and Lomachenko are considered #1 and #2. Until/Unless that happens, got to go with Canelo being number 1 until somebody beats him, even though the cards are often stacked against the opponents. I am more for how Golden Boy helps direct Canelo’s career than how Top Rank steers Lomachenko and Crawford away from eachother, even though Crawford could still make 142 or 143 lbs, and Lomachenko could come up to 138 or 139 lbs and be effective. The Ring still has Manny Pacquiao at #10 in the lb for lb ratings. If Pacquiao fought Ugas, and won, I’d put him up there around where Spence is now, because Ugas really beat Porter before Spence did, and Spence should take a long break from boxing now.

    • I really dont think crawford would fight loma.. idk why i think that. I jus do. I think Loma wld be game and probably win… would love to see it though

      • Pac-man in his prime would be an unreal threat to Oscar’s boy! Today, Pac-man is slowing down regardless of his last performance. I am sure Oscar will pick on him since he is 40 years of age with mileage on the body and a hair more flat-footed these days. I am sure 10 years ago, Pac-man would not be on the hit-list to fight Alvarez since Pac’s arsenal would be much quicker, stronger, and elusive. Yep, boxing is a cash cow business.

  • I thought Kovalev won 6 of the first ten rounds, when I saw that the ringside commentator gave Canelo rounds three and four I knew the fix was in. Those jabs that the commentators said were not getting past Canelo’s guard were landing and having an effect. Kovalev’s mistake was not throwing power shots in the first 4 rounds when he was dominating Canelo and could have effectively ended the fight with just a few hard rights. The fight was in Vegas, what means a close fight goes to Canelo.

    • Exactly. Kov fought like a scared fighter, I mean come on this once dominant fighter looked terrified . Yes he is still a great boxer but just clearly not the same man who fought Hopkins or 1st Ward fight, almost as though its some kind of script. While Canelo is a great fighter they always take something away from him with this appearance of fights always being in his favour and the some fights just to make him look good (Khan/ Chavez jnr/Brook) . If a fights close he is going to get the decision (Erisandy Lara beat him as far as I’m concerned but no chance would that be allowed as did GGG in its fight called a draw. Why not let this future hall of famer fight with fair bat and see how he gets on what’s he got to lose .;-)

  • Dave Moretti gave Canelo the first round? That is ridiculous. Canelo did nothing the first round while Kovalov peppered him with punches (albeit light ones). No way Canelo got that round. Its a mute point but had it gone to the judges, that could have been the difference.

    • Wayne, I agree……I watched the same round myself and feel Alvarez did nothing to earn the first round….Hmmmm… Judges nervous in the beginning and thought their “boy” needed that round?

    • yeah i fully agree. not taking anything away from Canelo. I felt he would have deserved a points win overall had he not got the KO. Kovalev’s jabs were becoming less and less effective while canelo landed more as the fight went on. However, when you see a round like round 1 being scored for Canelo it makes you realise just how seemingly random the scoring system can be. Canelo basically coasted that whole round just to feel Kovalev out. this is absolutely fine but no way could he really be given the round, unless the judge was was somehow scoring down kovalev for weak jabs. in the grander scheme it didn’t make a difference but it really makes you wonder what exactly makes a competant or experienced judge.

  • Interesting how after Mayweather schooled him all of a sudden he’s this ripped thick machine. Tainted beef! Impressive win however.

    • Eric, Mayweather schooled so many fighters. As much hate as Floyd gets, I can honestly say he is one heck of a boxer. Mayweather had some controversial matches, but that boy could box!

  • Open scoring is so stupid! They should get rid of that. Anyone remember when Chavez was getting his ass kicked by Frankie Randall in the rematch, but then they butted heads. Chavez and his corner saw that they were ahead on one score card so they quit and got a controversial decision over Randall. Randall was about to destroy him when Chavez quit. get rid of open scoring.

  • I have seen it it before with other fighters, once they suffer a heavy knockout it seems that what happens in most of their fights after that. He is now a gatekeeper if he keeps fighting.

  • Those scores are corrupt. Kovalev was out boxing Canelo and should have been well ahead on points at the time for the KO. Boxing is so corrupt. Great win by Canelo but that scoring is so wrong.

  • I only had Canelo winning three rounds at best, but i guess that dont matter with that end. Congrats on the comeback. He was outboxing canelo pretty good till the end, I dont care what those scorecards say….

  • Moretti Gave the first 2 rounds to Alvarez ..that says it all ..I saw it 5-5 and I can see 6-4 either way but the first 2 were clear undoubtedly Kovalev rounds other way to see it

  • the scorecards are proof of corruption Alvarez did nothing for the first 5 rounds dint land basically anything so what were these judges looking at again morretti is definitely corrupt pretty clear

  • I really think Canelo was dominating this fight. It’s rare that I disagree with judges, but I believe with the hard to score rounds, the judges did not want to have the appearance of AGAIN favoring Canelo. If you really look, Kovalev only outlanded Canelo in power shots in ONE round. Canelo led in 9, and there was one even. Plus, the shots Canelo was landing were so much more impactful. Granted, almost any score is acceptable here considering the closeness of some rounds, but I had it 6-3, and was ok with 7-2 to 5-4 to Canelo. Can’t see it being even. Also, Don Trella was the judge most in question because of his favoring of Canelo in the past, and I don’t think it was a coincidence he had it even. He had the microscope on him.

    • yes late in the fight your right I am talking about first five rounds Alvarez did zip, he stated this afterwards with his patience quote If kovalev hadnt had such a hard fight in his last outing he would have dominated Alvarez , but Alavrez has proved he is extremely tough dud

  • Usyk beat all the undefeated champions in his division while they are in their prime back to back to back without any junk opponents same goes for Ward. Canelo is no Usyk Or Ward, he’s another Oscar/Mayweather, exceptional fighters with chosen opponents that kept their popularity sky high with moderate to low risk. I will admit I don’t think anyone other than Callum Smith, Demetrius Andrade or Bivol has a chance against him between 160 – 175. He doesn’t do well against slick fighters like Lara and mayweather but crushes the Angulo, Kovalev, Kirklands (I think Beterbiev is tailor made for his counter punching)

    • like to see him in with a great boxer like billy joe saunders we can really see were he then stands I think he is a great fighter just needs to fight other great fighters in their prime like bjs

  • Canelo was losing on points he missed a lot and even though Kovalev didn’t have any power he was landing almost every jab he threw how someone had it a draw is disgusting I’m so sick of Oscar and Canelo

  • canelo is good fighter but not the best,he has been fight in the same weight for long time for that reason he no went up 2 division that narural weight for long time and also hfor 4 champion in that division.
    e pick the more weak

  • Dave Moretti!!! You should never be allowed to judge again!!! Pathetic crooked MFer!!!

    • Moretti is Canelo’s personal judge. He’s worked almost all recent Canelo fights. Look it up.

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