Canelo Alvarez Update

WBC/WBA super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez (54-1-2 36 KOs), will defend against Avni Yildirím (21-2 12 KOs), on February 27 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, and it will be broadcast on DAZN.

“I’m training hard like I always do,” said Canelo “I’m not underestimating my opponent at all. I know this is boxing and one punch can change everything! It’s not in me to underestimate anyone. I will not deny the favoritism that there is for me, but boxing is very complicated, and I think that Yildirim will be a good opponent and will come to the ring to give his all. He is a good fighter and I think we are going to put on an exciting fight for the audience that will attend the event that night and for those who will follow the fight on television.”

Saul and Avni know each other reasonably well, having been training partners and sparring together.

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    • I guess thats something nice to say, to kick off the thread, but we should expect a professional fighter to show-up in top shape/condition for a championship fight.
      While were at it, lets compliment the other top Super Mid for taking the time to get prepared for their Boxing matches: Plant, Benavidez, Jacobs, Berlanga, etc.)

      • No doubt Canelo is a great fighter, but fight fans deserve a more competitive.He is right to not underestimate his opponent there’s a chance he could get head butted, elbowed, break a knuckle or fingernail.

        • I have to disagree with you on Canelo being a “great” fighter, he’s a very good/above average fighter but to be great, you have to fight the BEST in their prime! He fails miserably in that regards.

      • I don’t know about that NJ, some fighters (and people commenting on this site) will often make claims of being less than adequately prepared for a fight…….

      • Omy , maybe you should send those othere guys a nice gift, or….. lol
        many fighters do NOT show up in top shape/condition to compete. Should we make a list???

  • Canelo is getting paid for a sparring session. After this, no more fights for Canelo that don’t include Benevidez, Plant, Saunders, Charlo, Andrade, or Golovkin, Bivol, or Betebiev.

  • C’mon canelo! Fighting bums and unknown opposition is not doing good for the fans! Fighting bums 5 times a year aint doing it!

  • “I will not deny the favoritism that there is for me, but boxing is very complicated” – Canelo

    Even Canelo has to implicitly acknowledge that his questionable draw and razor thin win over GGG was precisely because of this favoritism. Nevertheless, I have come to appreciate Canelo, even though he appears to be fighting not to lose rather than taking on the best to test himself against. He’s a very smart and talented fighter, very humble and professional. He shows respect for his opponents and this sport, in contrast to somebody like Broner. I respect and appreciate this.

    It is precisely because he is such a talented fighter that I’m disappointed that he does not seek fights against the absolute best fighters. This is how you become great, rather than just good. This is how you become a legend. Not going to happen fighting guys who look promising, but are predictable wins.

    • He didn’t say he beat GGG because of favoritism you pulled that one right out of your nether region. He was saying as best that could be translated that he was the “favorite “ to win against his next opponent. But nice try

  • Canelo will always receive great support from subjective, fanatical fans. However, during 2021-2023 (at 168), it is time for Canelo to further win the hearts and minds of objective, main line fans because there are solid competitors at 168.

    I want to see Canelo attempt to clear/clean out 168 before making a future attempt(s) at 175.

    • Yo E-Man, so Canelo beat the sin out of Caleb Smith, who was widely considered the best at 168!!!!
      He’s scheduled to fight BJ Saunders in May, who is one of the two champs remaining at 168….. after that we may get to see Canelo against the formidable Caleb Plant (who just defended his title in a glorified sparring session with a middle aged man)….

      As for Benavidez, that would be super, but Benavidez should at least fight a top 10 fighter at 168 in the meantime.

      And don’t even mention Charlo ( Mr. I don’t wanna fight Benavidez cuz I’m afraid I’ll hurt him) into this yet.

    • Hell, Charlo didn’t fight anybody at middle weight, what makes us think he will at super middle weight.?

      No GGG, No Andrade, No Saunders, No Canelo…. what exactly did Charlo do at 160?

    • Charlo and Snoozefest BooBoo should first fight each other. It’ll be the most boring fight in the last 135 years and the only people getting put to sleep will be the ones watching. The reason the Charlos and BooBoo don’t get the big fights is because they are nothing special and are EXTREMELY boring to watch.

  • Boxing today is bullshit red will never fight dB or mall their to good mayweather is good but besides the Genaro Hernández fight he was always favored where is the glory Hopkins was an underdog against Tito 3 to 1 today’s stars will never face them odds

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