Caleb Plant: Mike Lee is going to learn a lesson

IBF super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (18-0, 10 KOs) talks about making the first defense of his title against unbeaten Mike Lee (21-0, 11 KOs) on July 20 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. FOX will televise as a lead-in to the Pacquiao-Thurman PPV.

Caleb Plant
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/Premier Boxing Champions

Caleb Plant: “I have the same amount of respect for him as anybody else who I step in the ring with, which is none. If you want me to respect your fighting skills, then you’ve got to make me do that. I’m not just going to give you the respect that you want. July 20, when the bell rings, if he wants me to respect anything in his arsenal, then he’s got to make me do that because he’s not getting it.

“To me, boxing is life or death. That’s it. So I don’t care about anybody in his village, I don’t care who lives there, I’m coming to burn it down. So unless he’s looking to do the same thing with me, it’s either going to be a long night or a short night.

“On July 20 just tune in and something my father has taught me is the truth belongs to everybody and lies belongs to individuals. I’m going to give you the truth July 20.”

On whether Mike Lee knows what he’s getting into.

“No, he doesn’t but that’s okay. It’s not my job. It’s none of our jobs to tell him otherwise. I’m going to let these hands do the talking on July 20, but no, he’s delusional. He’s never faced anybody like me. He’s never even come close. He just told you guys that he’s not even getting the sparring of anybody who even looks like me. How many people do you think I can spar that fights like Mike Lee? How many people do you think he can spare that look like me? And he answered it for you. I don’t even have to tell you. So no, he has no idea but that’s okay.

“He’s going to learn a lesson July 20, one that he can’t be taught. One that can only be taught by me, so. I don’t like him that much. I don’t like anybody who’s in the ring with me. I don’t want to be friends. I don’t care about what they’ve got going on. To me, boxing is life or death so if I don’t win, I don’t get to go home because I won’t have a home.”

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  • Plant has a big mouth. You would think he was some bad ass the way he talks but he fights to survive and win on points. He best stay away from Benavidez. Plants fights’ are about as boring as that other clown Demetrius Andrade.. zzzzzzz.

  • Caleb Plant’s last KO was about 3 years ago. The last five fights were UD wins, and the only impressive one was against Uzcategui. In other words, his talk is only partially backed up by results.

    Mike Lee has fought and won against decent opposition, but hasn’t fought any big name yet. He doesn’t have a padded record and he should be ready for Plant.

    I think its an excellent match up of two undefeated fighters, with more or less even chances. I don’t think either one will get “schooled”; both will have to give their best in order to win.

    • Novice fan… Lee is a marketing experiment, while Plant is a credentialed fighter. Plant TKO 6.. Lee’s corner won’t let him get slaughtered.

      • Pretty much true-Lee might have the longest undefeated career of all time without fighting anybody of note.

  • Let’s get real here. I am sure that Mike Lee is a nice guy and will do the best that he can, but his level of opposition is deplorable. He hasn’t even been in a ring in over a year. Like James said, Benadivez is the one to avoid.

  • Plant is only about a breath away from being a Manster. This guy is way better than he gets credit for and Mike Lee won’t last 4 rounds with him.

  • Plant does come off as kind of a dick here, but I like his fighting style and I see him either knocking Lee out or getting a wide UD.

  • Caleb Plant is on a much higher level than Mike Lee. Lee hasn’t fought anybody of note and Caleb rarely loses a round, even as his level of competition increased. In fact, he’s gotten better with each fight. He’s mobile and boxes extremely well. He can also punch, as Uzcategui found out. He was extremely sharp in that fight but wore down in the last four rounds.

    Lee probably won’t last that long. Lee will take a beating in this fight. It’s really debatable if he can go the distance, but it’s really up to Plant. If he decides to take Lee out, he will be able to do so.

    As others have stated, David Benavidez is currently the only threat to Plant in this division, now that Zurdo Ramirez has moved up to light heavyweight. Benavidez is one of my favorite fighters and has exceptional ability. He will be the favorite to beat Plant if they ever do meet. The only other fighter I can think of who can beat Plant is Bivol, if he moves down to super middleweight.

    • APDuenas,

      Your analysis are always excellent and I agree that Plant is the favorite on paper. For some reason, I do think that Lee can challenge and possibly even beat Plant. We will all find out on July 20th.

      As far as Benavidez and Bivol go: I can only fully agree – both would be the perfect match up for the winner of Plant – Lee.

    • Augustin. Benavidez is the only threat to plant? Callum Smith is the number one fighter at 168 until somebody proves otherwise. I don’t see the Brit having any trouble with either benavides and especially featherfisted plant. He knocks both out my opinion, as Callum has a cast iron chin and can take those guys weak shots. He’s also more fundamentally sound and catches and shoots as good as anybody in the history of the sport.

  • Personally, I can’t WAIT to watch Mike Lee get slaughtered. He bailed on Chicago gyms because his daddy is a big shot lawyer and paid for his training camps and for him to be trained by Ronnie Shields. The dude is a total pampered joke and honestly, he’s not a very good boxer at all. He’s just backed by daddy’s money. Can’t stand this fake ass bum and watching a true fighter like Plant turn him into a human punching bag is going to be so great

    • These type of mismatches are why the self-serving sanctioning body system must be destroyed. It makes boxing looks like a farce, which it often is, unfortunately.

    • I am too. Boxing has enough jagoffs. Its refreshing seeing a gentleman for a change.

  • Mike Lee is a gentleman and a scholar, with that said, he isn’t made for the ring like Caleb plant is. After this fight, he should reconsider going a different route in life, because he’s not built for fighters at this level of boxing.

  • For all the stuff you’ve gone through in life, you should be more respectful of people. Benavidez is gonna’ straighten your arrogant ass right out, though.

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