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Dmitry Bivol opened as a 2:1 favorite for a potential rematch against Canelo Alvarez.  has Alvarez at +160 while Bivol is -200.

Triller Fight Club presents the return of Triad Combat on June 11 at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, CA, and broadcast globally on FITE. However, unlike the original event, this edition doesn’t feature any big name boxers.

California authorities will not press charges against Mike Tyson over the altercation with a belligerent fan on an airplane last month. A video of the incident went viral.

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk isn’t buying WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s retirement claims. “I don’t take it seriously,” Krassyuk told SkySports. He said after Usyk defends against Anthony Joshua, he plans to unify against Fury or whoever else becomes WBC champion.

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  • Wilder should get back in the mix just stir up some action in the HW division. Would love to see Joshua fight Wilder in a tune up match. Wilder could have a puncher’s chance against Joshua.

    • Joshua doesn’t want the fight. That’s the entire point of why they never fought.

  • Canelo v Bivol was a FIXED FIGHT.. Canelo was BRIBED to “throw the fight” in exchange for more money “under the table” and/or the release of hostages in Mexico that were kidnaped that were going to be killed..Thats why Canelo threw fake punches and missed on purpose throughout the fight, much the same way Canelo “threw the fight” against Floyd Mayweather, because Canelo was bribed to let Floyd win or else DeLahoya was going to be killed in a hanging at a rehab center and make it look like a suicide if Canelo did not allow Floyd to win in their FIXED FIGHT.

    • Juanito mi hermano. That ish was funny. You mean to tell me that Canelo is all of a sudden brimming with benevolency?

      Thrown fights? There’s a much better argument for Kovalev having thrown the fight. There’s a better argument for judges having been purchased in a few if Canelo’s fights as well, although I don’t think by him directly.

      Just for sh*TS and giggles, I’m going to read more into your claim because in this world, you never know. If he did not get as lumped up as he did, you’ll have yourself the breaking story of the year.

  • The odds should be way greater in Bivol’s favour. I can’t see anyway Canelo can beat him, he looked bewildered. Not even worth having a rematch

  • In a rematch Canelo might win with a better fight plan, because he learned what is Bivol main strategy and also that he can’t hurt him. Second fight Canelo also could be more settled at that weight too

    • I think it will be more dominating, or even end in a KO. Bivol knows Canelo can’t hurt him. Canelo knows his punches don’t have the effect on Bivol. Also, you can’t teach a slow moving fighter to move faster. Bivol will make Canelo look bad in the rematch.

      • Canelo has difficulties fighting slick boxers. Mayweather, Lara and now Bivol. He lacks the ability to adjust.

  • Lol the judges scoring is so bad, that bivol is only a 2-1 favorite after beating canelo nearl every round last week. Hilarious

  • Lol at Vegas bookies, or at least the ones who didn’t go out of business. If you knew boxing, those would have been the odds for the 1st fight.

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