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Remember, there’s an excellent ShoBox tripleheader tonight featuring six Fighters with undefeated records for first time in 21-year history of the series. The action starts at 9PM ET/PT from Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya says Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz turned down a very lucrative offer to fight Ryan “Kingry” Garcia, more than Cruz made with Tank.

Four-division world champion Adrien Broner has started an OnlyFans account at AB says he did it because people were leaking compromising photos taken of him.

A couple of DAZN fight rumors:
February 19: Jaime Munguia vs. D’Mitrius Ballard, middleweight
March 26: Kiko Martinez vs. Josh Warrington, IBF featherweight title

Zhilei says he's willing to fight Hrgovic
Covid KOs Callum Johnson

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  • Andrien Broner loves the drama and being noticed in the spotlight. All part of the social characteristics and mental issues that plague him.

    • “AB says he did it because people were leaking compromising photos taken of him.”
      – Agree with Scooby’s post above.
      – Broner has serious mental issues.
      – Take care.

  • Broner should decide whether or not to continue his career in boxing or go the TMZ route and be like Kanye?! Bet he won’t fight anyone of note in 2022! Conor Benn waiting………

  • I figured everyone would come looking for a title shot once Kiko got the belt. It’s a bad look for Warrington to take it though, in my opinion. He gave up that same belt to pursue big fights and not have to fight Kid Galahad, but as soon as Galahad loses it and is out of the picture, here comes Warrington wanting his old belt back. Kiko gave him a really good fight the first time they fought, I’ll be rooting for him to win it this time and even if he doesn’t, whoever wins that fight will be due a mandatory against Luis Alberto Lopez who I think beats both and, of course, Lara’s always out there for Warrington.

  • Adrien Broner needs to get a life already this low life bum is living on borrowed time. His overrated idol he worships that calls himself the greatest ever ‘little Floyd’ the attention whore needs to do the same, it’s like get a hobby take up an arts and crafts class or something.

    These two fools will do absolutely anything to stay relevant!

  • Adrien Broner easily do what other boxers struggle at. Thats gaining the publics interest and get people talking about them. Just remember, the bad boys have to do what they do so that you can feel good about being a good boy.
    I can see him getting into exhibition fights in the near future. He can still make millions every time he fights. Or, He can likely book insta models to exploit and get 100k subscribers to pay him $10 a month to watch. No prob. Why leave it on the table?

  • So…..everyone decided to comment on the broner bit?? There was better news in this piece.

  • Broner is the definition of trash, among other things. He doesn’t even know the meaning of compromise, no way he said that. I will be laughing when I read the news of him being shot dead or going to prison for life.

    • Would you really care if a cancer like Broner was killed? I wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s par for the course anyways with these bottom feeders.

  • Scoob has brought up Broners mental instabilities and he’s spot on.

    Although Broner is his own man, his immediate family, associates and friends have failed him miserably. Part of being a true friend is being able to tell it like it is and help whenever possible.

    He’s surrounded by parasites. As it stands right now, it’s only a matter of time.

  • Yup, just like January 6th was a “cultural” issue with thousands of bottom dwellers doing what they do.

    • Can’t disagree with that. QAnaon and anyone who supports them are part of the lowest common denominator of society. However, they are nowhere near as dumb as someone who willingly voted for a clear and obvious Alzheimer’s patient who’s accomplished absolutely nothing in 47 years of politics.

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