Berlanga destroys Bellows in 79 seconds

Edgar Berlanga Vs Lanell Bellows Action1
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Unbeaten WBO #9, WBA #11 super middleweight KO artist Edgar Berlanga (15-0, 15 KOs) has done it again. Berlanga scored a first round TKO over Lanell Bellows (20-6-3, 13 KOs) on Saturday night in ”The Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Berlanga’s punches did damage from the opening bell. Referee Robert Hoyle quickly waved it off after seeing Berlanga repeatedly rock Bellows. Time was 1:19. Berlanga now has 15 first round knockouts in 15 fights.

Bellows had never been stopped in his pro career.

“Once he got in the ring, I looked in his eyes. He didn’t want to be there. So, I had to get him out,” said Berlanga.

After getting the win, Berlanga climbed on the ring ropes and proclaimed, “I’m a f**king monster!”

“Now, I’m the first person to stop him, and {I did it} in the first round. So, you know, it just off emotion, off how I really felt. For all the critics out there, all the media, I just felt it in me that I had to say that.”

“We’re looking to fight in December. I just spoke to Bob {Arum} right now. He’s looking to put me on in December. I’m actually looking forward to fighting in Puerto Rico and then also in June on Puerto Rican {Parade} weekend {at Madison Square Garden, so God willing, everything goes right, we can make it happen.”

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  • This young man Berlanga is a huge Super middleweight. He may very will be a 2 division world champion. Canelo and Oscar will definitely avoid this kid.

    • You are right! He was a heavy swinger right after the bell rang! I like it when new fighters with skills are moving up and getting in the mix! It adds more excitement to the game!

  • can someone explained to me why the ref called it early. I agree he would have won either way but why not give a chance to be knocked down.

    • Bellows wasn’t offering any push back. He was clearly, CLEARLY on skates within the first minute of the fight. The ref started shouting “show me something!” and all Bellows could do was wobble and hold a guard. He knew it wasn’t going to get any better for Bellows, who almost looked glazed over when he hit the ropes.

  • Berlanga doesn’t impress me. Once he steps up in class against fighters who can neutralize his power, even take his shots and fire back with same, we’ll see what he’s about. I hate that NY bravado.

    Also, I hate the commentary, esp Tessitore, Bradley, on this ESPN broadcast. Too much MMA-style hype and opinionated over-analysis.

  • Berlanga can clearly punch at 168, BUT what was Berlanga’s weight in the ring? Unfortunately, I do not know what else Berlanga has because his fights only go one (1) round against undersized opponents.

    Berlanga is making 168, but he looks like a light heavyweight or even a cruiserweight. Berlanga really needs opponents who can provide rounds and style challenges or else he may later get exposed in a title fight against a real deal titleholder, at 168.

    Nonetheless, I will keep a close eye on Berlanga at 168, but I wonder how long he can make 168.

  • Ref was in on keeping that streak going with the early stoppage although it seemed to be coming regardless

  • Wtf was that replay thing for the Barbosa knockdown? I know the commentators gushed about how quickly they did it. It seemed clunky as fuck to me. Way over the top!

  • Hope this kid gets a shot. Maybe against Benavidez. He has obvious flaws but tremendous power. Personally I think David would take him school but you never know. Good matchup that could get generate momentum publicity wise. Could possibly wind up being an Alex Stewart- Holyfield situation. Ready for the main now!

  • Nothing to cheer. Lanell Bellows is just journeyman.

    Berlanga is rather stiff and would lose to Callum Smith.

    • correct, though Lanell Bellows was 20-4 his wins were against fighters with losing records. Berlanga of course has the power, but still is really fighting tomato cans. Time for him to step up to ranked fighters.

  • Tough kid no doubt, but there are levels in this game. His Hearns like power might not help him when he meets guys that know how to box and not get hit. In the meantime he is good for the game.

  • Put him in with a real 10 round fighter not somebody with no record. All hype.

  • Come on boxing community this kid Edgar Berlanga is a natural cruiserweight that should be getting his experience/seasoning as a light heavyweight in preparation for cruiserweight down the road.

    • Haha! Maybe he is, I hope not. Kirkland is/was fun to watch, but kind of painful as well. He absorbed ungodly amounts of punishment in many of his his wars. It’s uncanny how heavy hitters almost always have week chins

  • Berlanga can punch. But he’s in his 15th pro fight and he’s fighting a opponent with a 2-3-2 record. They are obviously still matching him softly for 2 reasons one is they know he’s very raw and 2 they like publicity they get from this 1st round Ko streak.

    • Bellows was 20-5-1 I believe, not 2-3-2. He’s been around; I’m not saying he’s the next Lights Out Toney or anything, but he was a pretty solid opponent going into the fight.

      • You are correct about his record my mistake. Kid can punch but his 15 1st round ko’s is somewhat manufactured through careful matchmaking but I don’t think David Benavidez is staying up at night worried.

  • This kid is definitely someone to watch! Bellows was no soft touch and a usually durable journeyman/fringe contender. He trains out of the Mayweather gym. He should fight fellow 1st round KO artist Tyrone Brunson, who actually set the record for most consecutive 1st round KO’s at 19! Brunson did it against more questionable opposition than Berlanga has fought thus far. It will be interesting to see how Berlanga fares againt stiffer competition. Jury will be out on him until he shows and proves against seasoned, current contenders, but he is definitely a threat to anybody!

  • This young man is looking impresive. I just hope they dont rush him in to a championship fight. He needs to get some rounds cause so far all his 15 fights have last only one round and i dont know if some day he have to go 10 or 12 rounds he will be able to sustain the pace.

  • Let’s not go crazy, he beat a small, scared fighter. Until he moves on to the next level we won’t know who he is.

  • lot of you on here are haters … thats quite sad … the lad is going be a huge star … raw natural power , and no fear at all .. yes he needs to prove himself against top contenders and sure that will come very soon .. even fighting lesser opponents 15 in the 1st round is quite amazing I wish him all the best of luck and also his future opponents

  • There is no denying Edgar Berlanga has punching power, he looks also like he may have good boxing technique. What we need to see is how good of a chin he has and how good is his stamina. Eventfully opponents will get better as he gets more rounds under his belt. No need to rush him and make the same mistake Fernando Vergas team did, matching him too early against Tito time would tell and the future fights with Benenavidez, GGG, Daniel Jacobs and Manigua look promising.

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