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    • very disrespectful because he obviously was overwhelmed it’s not your place to make such comments you would not be saying that to his face he smash you idiot

    • @Kevin Barco, come on man. That’s not nice. He’s irresponsible and unprofessional but why the name calling?

      • It’s also why he won’t be remembered as a great fighter. Just a guy who had his 15 minutes. Part of the struggle of being a champion is maintaining your discipline in the face of so many possible indulgences and reasons to retire.

  • Yes, this fight was a simply fight to watch with minimal excitement. This fight was not a slugfest combat mission like the last one. However, let’s understand something very valid here. Ruiz has never been on this platform as a fighter where he was “king” of a division. I am sure the media exposure, money, fame, etc. did overwhelm him to some degree. In the end, we are all accountable for our actions. If Ruiz said he partied too much and this is true, hats off to him for validating his downfalls. I am sure he had a once in a lifetime experience hardly any of us would encounter.

    • Did you seriously say hats off to him for validating that???? No,hats of to him if he had gotten his fat ass in the gym to take seriously the fact that he was fortunate enough to world champ. And train so that if he got beat,that he would look like such one hit wonder. He gets zero credit for admitting he partied to much. How stupid and ridiculous for that mess to come out of his mouth. Bottom line….stuffing his face and making his already fat stomach fatter,that was Andy’s priority. Not realizing that he was the world champ and that if he enjoyed his life as champ,train and take it seriously and you’ll have MORE of an even better life. Bum….

      • Tae, guess nobody in the world is allowed to make mistakes, right? Do you make mistakes or take advantage of something good and misuse it to some degree?

        • He is an elite fighter it wasn’t a mistake it was a choice. He knows what it takes to win a title and choose to do the opposite.

          • Yosifur, is it safe to say AJ did not prepare for his first match against Ruiz. Alot of the keyboard warriors in these discussions have been saying that. Maybe AJ and Ruiz can both learn what mistakes are, right?

          • Scooby, when Joshua came up with his excuses as a Ruiz fan I said, whatever you got your ass handed to you and that’s the bottom line. Now as a Ruiz fan I say the same. He didn’t get his ass handed Perse but he was decisioned. Tough shit, if he didn’t prepare, he should’ve. Congrats to the new champ, even if it was a Boring ass fighter not. Now it’s up to Ruiz to turn his career back on track

    • Agree with this, and those factors are important. He’s human and had a completely human response, which is quite refreshing. How many boxers have made excuses over the years when when the truth was closer to what Ruiz said. Good for him, he’s made for life, and let’s not take away how hard he worked to become no.1. He’ll be back, just like Joshua.

    • Duran was treated like shit when he did it against Leonard in their rematch ; Roberto let all his people down and he was a champ for a long time.. I love Duran and i like Ruiz but sorry that’s not an excuse.. He simply let all his people and new fans down.

      • Duran when he was a lightweight was legendary when he fought Leonard he didn’t have what he had as a lightweight and he still beat Leonard even though the no mas thing was shocking Ruiz is a shame since many good fighters are not as lucky as he was or is.

      • Regis, yup. He did. But I’m about giving him another chance as a fan. It’s up to him what he wants to do with that.

  • No worries Andy, you got a multi million £/$ pay check – you’re a ‘winner’ to some extent.

    The fans on the other hand, who dished out way too much in PPV fees, are the losers.


    • Not really a loser for me,I’m NOT an Andy fan and definitely not a bandwagon jumper like MOST people are. I was pulling for AJ,so my investment was gret and not a waste of money at all. The fact is what happened yesterday was what should have happened 6 months ago. Andy is a fat BUM,PERIOD!

  • I actually respect his honesty if nothing else.

    Although he said before that he would do everything to win and keep his belts. I guess that didn’t include preparing properly?

  • Unreal. I now feel like a fool for actually believing in this guy. To throw it all away like this is unforgivable.

    • That’s because you fell into the trap…..i was NEVER FOOLED and called it immediately that he got lucky as hell the first time. Andy didn’t become a world beater because he landed a hard shit against AJ’s head and he didn’t recover. I feel bad for all y’all that jumped on the bandwagon of Andy SMH. Y’all all fell for the fake lol.

  • Nah while he aint no Buster Douglas, respect because he did win the title but he clearly don’t want to train . Love the guy for winning but such poor lame excuse and shame that he feels it necessary to say so. He in reality was so happy with himself and the money that that’s it for him.

    • What you said about Andy….100% true. But let’s look at it for what it is,let’s give AJ his credit and just do. He took this fight SUPER SERIOUS and xhanged the game plan completely. And he boxed circles around Andy with extreme ease. And to be honest with you,had Andy been 20 lbs less,AJ would have STILL WON the same way. Could have possibly KO’d Andy,the extra weight,along with Andy having a good chin,is what maybe helped him absurd the shots of AJ. Either way….it doesn’t matter,he lost like i felt he would.

      • Yep, AJ would have clowned him even if he weighed 250. Mostly because Ruiz should probably be fighting at 215 – 220 and he’d probably still be soft at that weight. But at 220 he might actually be able to move quicker than a glacier.

  • I don’t buy this article, Several weeks ago there was news and pix about how hard Ruiz was training for the rematch , he lost weight, was doing all kinds of conditioning and endurance training, working on his hand speed then, he waks into the ring at 283lbs… I think what happenend was that he and Joshua made a pact to fight a triliogy, last week Joshua even mentioned that before the second fight… I think we, the fans, are being duped.. ALso, Joshua gets 85 million dollars for the seconf fight and Ruiz gets 13 million. Somethinkg sounds fishy here.. LASTLY, when you think of what happened and Ruiz was that grossly overweight, then why did it take Joshua to win a decision rather than knocking out Ruiz.. ?? Joshua’s victory actually gives Ruiz more credit than Joshua inabliltiy to end it early.. Something isn’t right here… A triliogy will be fought, count on it !!

    • Of course!! Easy fights is what AJ is about. Milking the cash cow while avoiding wilder/ortiz. 3rd fight my ass!! I wont watch it.

      • It IS amazing how many especially across the pond love the idea the AJ before the Ruiz defeat and still now wants to avoid Wilder. What nonsense. Why would he be scared of Wilder when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko ? AJ is the biggest financial power in the heavies not Wilder though he is improved now .Wilder with all his experience was part of the dead heavyweight scene, doing nothing of note and certainly had chances to fight Wlad. So the novice kid with 16 fights beat WK and all of sudden Wilder is shouting his mouth off jumping on band wagon. In reality AJ and Fury will fight anyone , Wilder is the safe player who only good win is twice beating the 40 year old very good cuban fighter in Ortiz , Why would not Wilder give Dillian White the chance prior to drugs stuff and ;lets see what excuse he gives now why HE WILL NOT FIGHT DW or will he surrender the belt and stick with Fury fight lol ?. Plus he tried to ambush the not yet ready Fury..who is clearly much better than he realized.
        Ortiz is a messed with troubled fighter who is so talented that way past his best he can still fight good .But he aint supposed to beat a younger champ.
        AJ is a gambler and can deal with a defeat along with his good attitude to training and disciplined . Usa is so desperate for long term heavyweight champ after having none for ages they want us to believe “bomb squad ‘ is the best before he beaten the 2 brits. So guys believe it you want to I do not buy it for 1 second until he beats either.
        Wilder is happier to fight Fury because he thinks can’t hurt him.
        Anyone who thinks Wilder is going to go charging into AJ must be kidding themselves… he will hide and wait like David Haye hoping to land a bomb. While wary that AJ is more than capable of the Ko him any any time.

  • okay, so after the 1st fight, Joshua went back into training and lost 10 lbs, and he wasn’t really out of shape that much to begin with. So Andy Ruiz knew Joshua was taking the rematch seriously and may be better, more prepared the 2nd time. So if Ruiz was able to get in the same mind frame, he would have come into this 2nd fight no heavier than 260, and maybe even a little less than that. But to think he would be over 265, not that many people thought that. People thought he’d have to be 260 something at worst. And he walks to the scale at 283. Now he wants to paid a 2nd time for a 3rd fight for us to believe he’ll come in the ring at 263 instead of 283. And it shouldn’t have been that hard for him to come in at 263 this time. Usyk is a tough challenge for Joshua, maybe Joshua will do that fight in 90 days, maybe in 180 days.

  • A trilogy is pointless. Andy was easily outclassed. I don’t think Hearn cares to run it again and would be looking to get AJ in with possibly Usyk by May/June

    • Maybe a matchup with Fury or Wilder would be the better matchups since fight fans deserve to see it.

  • The more this guy talks the less respect I have for him. I was happy for him that he won the first one but now he seems like a tool for making a joke out of it. He would have deserved an immediate rematch had he trained hard and respected his opportunity but not now.

    • Instead of another world title fight,maybe he can go challenge at an all you can eat buffet championship! Clearly eating his his fav past time SMH…..what a disgrace.

  • Sad. He could have beaten a scared fighter in AJ if he’d prepared correctly. Totally disappointed in Ruiz that he just let this golden opportunity to become one of a major force in the division pass by him because he partied too much. AJ doesn’t seem to have a chin, confidence or the attitude to be the unified/undisputed heavyweight champ. Wilder or Fury seem to be the two most dominant heavyweights. Ruiz could have been one of them, but he chose to party and got fatter.

  • You should have trained harder? So keeping the title wasn’t important enough? This nonsense about losing weight hurting Ruiz was bull, AJ never moved around like that in his life, he had a plan for Ruiz, Andy had one plan, to fight the same fight. He needs a smarter team.

  • Andy….STFU with the weak ass excuses. You knew for months that this fight was coming up. You got lucky as hell the first fight and you didn’t realize that you got lucky. Thinking you were so good that you arrived and didn’t have to do much to keep it. No excuse,i hated how he said after the fight that he didn’t train for the fight,but then say in the same breath that he’s not making any excuses. Bottom line AJ put on a clinic on Andy,period,point blank. And looked spectacular doing it. I was never ever sold on Andy,bit i have to admit,AJ shocked me with how well he boxed circles,literally,around Andy and won the title from Andy with extreme ease. Go away Andy….your 15 mins of fame is OVER!

    • True ruiz sucked bad, you are right, but you really should get off AJs nuts, because he sucks. He ran and didnt throw hardly shit. Jab jab jab, boring!!! He should’ve knocked that fat ass out! That powerful body, and he was just content to run and jab?? Wlad klit the second! Sad!! Scared to engage, scared of wilder, scared of ortiz, scared of true tests. Usyk?? Please!! Why is wilder never a possibility with AJ? Does he not realize what a chickenshit he looks like??

      • Bud, do you blame him? He gets a taste of what being hit hard is like and he doesn’t want to feel that again. Just like Klitschko. Corrie sanders laid him flat and that was the last time klitschko would stand in front of someone again. And Klitschko said it himself, “in the heavyweight division you cannot take those kind of chances”.

  • Since the rematch was announced Andy Ruiz has made it known that he expects Joshua to Box that he would have to chase him and cut off the ring. This means Ruiz has no excuse he knew exactly what Joshua needed to do in the rematch and what he needed to prepare for he had nearly six months to get it right.

    No excuses for him and I hate to be so harsh but when you state for six months the other man is going to box more and you come into the fight at 283.7 its your fault its a slap to the face of the fans who support you and the viewers who wanted to see a good fight.

    Ruiz shouldnt have been out and about living it up especially when you look at the sports history in heavyweight title rematches History is generally on the side of the Challenger in those rematches

  • You did this to yourself, Andy. There was nothing special about AJ.

    And AJ, my advice to you is that you get plenty of life insurance. In fact, invest TONS of money in life insurance for when you fight Deontay. Because you are going to get VIP service to the hospital, courtesy of a white stretcher, when Deontay beats your punk ass. You, AJ, are going to get KTFO.

  • Ruiz is a lazy fat joke who has had his 15 seconds of fame. He is finished as a contender and should pursue a spot in a reality show about severely obese people who cannot get out of bed due to obesity and diabetes. Someone toss Ruiz a bucket of KFC and a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts… just one of Ruiz’s lunches! LMAO

  • NO ONE wants to see you fight anymore!! Get that thru that incredibly stupid head for yours. Its over!!! You had the opportunity of a lifetime and ate it all away….PATHETIC.

  • A disgrace to boxing , showing up in such a poor state ! Not worthy of fighting for the World Heavyweight Title period.

  • I personally don’t want to see a part 3. Maybe he can fight Ortiz. If Ruiz does earn a title shot, I hope it is vs someone other than Joshua.

  • Wait, but you said this on December 4th, ” Not much to say, but I’m ready to rock and roll, I know AJ is going to come in with a different game plan. I know he’s prepared, motivated, being more cautious – I know he’s going to try and box me around. My job is to prepare for whatever comes my way.”

    On if the motivation is still there:

    “Of course, I don’t want these beautiful belts to go away. Remember I’ve been doing this since I was six, it’s finally paying off, and no way I’m going let these belts go. I’m going to die trying, and do anything that’s possible to get that victory. It’s been a long journey, long roller coaster in my life, and no way I’m going to let these go December 7th” ………… If you lied then, why should we ever trust you again? You even knew exactly what he was going to do. Why did you treat this fight like a lottery ticket instead of the continuation of your legacy? That performance, both during the fight and after did nothing but possibly validate the hater’s one hit wonder, lucky punch opinions many have expressed here and elsewhere.

  • , ill never pay to see this unprofessional man in a ring until he gets in shape and beats 5 top contenders! He really thinks he deserves fight three! “Fat, Dumb and Happy!” Add delusional to the mix!

  • sad that he threw it away by not training properly -its not guaranteed that he will get another shot at the title or that Joshua will remain Champion – Credit to Joshua he did what he had to do to win and now is Champ -probably a unification fight after Wilder-Fury with the Uysk fight first

  • No one wants to see a AJ vs Andy Ruiz rematch no matter what. Styles make fights and no way in the world Andy ever beats this AJ.

  • I was pulling for Andy, until I saw him enter the ring. What an unbelievable disgrace. No longer a fan.

  • Always the same crap.before the fight, they say i am well prepare.and i am going to win.after they loose,they give you excuses.nobody wants to see a third a fight.

  • Andy will learn from this. The school of Hard Knox and Big Punches isn’t easy. He will be back.
    IMO Joshua won’t compete with the upper tier fighters.

  • Andy Ruiz did not conduct himself like a true professional and obviously doesn’t have the mental discipline to hold the titles and be a professional and got duped because i surely believe Eddie Hearn conned him in making him believe there would be a third fight which i don’t see happening at all has Hearn will seek out even lesser opponents for AJ to defend against.

  • Terrible excuse, to bad because he seems like a good dude.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Adam Kawnacki in the near future .

  • Can we put to rest “he’s good, he has fast hands”? Let’s break down the 2 fights. Fight one, AJ looked in the mirror, then at Ruiz and figured like all
    Of us, it was gonna be target practice. Fight 2, AJ knows the slightest touch from any heavyweight will knock him in his ass, so he kept away from Ruiz. Ruiz pulled off this thing called a fluke… happens from time to time. He will never win a meaningful fight from here on out, I said it first

    • Chad, it wasn’t a fluke buddy. He let his hands go and things started to happen. That Joshua wasn’t prepared is his problem. Just like fight no 2. Ruiz knew Joshua was going to adjust and even then he chose not to prepare for that. That is his problem.


  • Bum. If partying and lack of training your reasoning you definitely don’t deserve a rematch. You’re the heavyweight champion of the world (obviously prior to last night) and your excuse is partying and lack of training? Prior to this fight i was with you for the win. After I have zero respect for you Ruiz. Hell na I don’t wanna see a 3rd fight. Disgraceful

  • Nice admit that you are lazy and have no self control. Don’t give this Schlub a 3 rd fight. Hes lame and a serious dud in interviews.

  • I think many are missing the point here. We support these guys livings. Without us, there is no them. For a fighter to say he partied too hard blah blah, that means we paid him for work (his performance) that he put no effort into. So why would we pay him again. Same with many of these fighters. They’re getting big money for bs. Charlo, yesterday, I mean… $25,000 tops for fighting that bum. But the fans let these fighters get away with this bs. More so their promoters and down the line from there. Most of the sport isn’t even real. They’re buying history now. Canelo will move up to cruiserweight and fight for the vacant wbc blah blah title against Logan Paul, a cruiserweight on the scene (smh), and Canelo will win and be 5 division champ. And many idiots will accept that. I’m using that last sentence as my example of what boxing has become. Next, I’ll hear, these guys risk their lives. Stop. They do this for themselves and for money. Its entertainment, it has no intrinsic value. Its worth only what is offered. If we show no demand, they got nothing. False sense of confidence, just like gov.

    • Stop calling them bums. The fact that they aren’t of world class level doesn’t make them bum. They are the ones who step in the ring and risk their health not us who use the words “bum”, “loser”, etc. Any of you would be willing to step in the ring with any of these “bums”?

  • Glad there are no excuses, Andy…..just gained too much weight, took AJ too lightly, partied too much, gained a ton of weight….and just was really stupid with your once in a lifetime opportunity. AJ won’t give you a 3rd fight…why would he? He’ll get more money fighting Tyson Fury. They can both dance around in the ring and see who wins, making millions in the process. Stick a fork in you, Andy, because you are way done!

  • In the first fight, Ruiz caught an unprepared, unfocused Joshua with a wild punch. Joshua didn’t see the punch and was unprepared for it, so it hurt him. Ruiz then took advantage, something that any scrub fighter could do. Frankly, Ruiz has neither the talent nor the pedigree to be a true champion, so his obtaining the title was strictly a fluke. He knew this, knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of causing lightning to strike the same place twice, so he lived it up, and came into the ring for the second fight showing how successful he was transforming himself into humpty dumpty. He’s on his hands and knees right at this moment, praying to God that Joshua wasn’t intent on knocking him out.

    The real tragedy though is that this fight was held in Saudi Arabia, “where journalists face flogging for speaking negatively about the king, where children receive the death penalty for attending pro-democracy protests, and where public beheadings are a routine part of life.” No major sporting event should be held in such a place. The entire civilized world must turn its back on this horrid place, and it is just pathetic that Joshua and Ruiz took this fight there because of the money.

    • THE SAME COUNTRY WHERE USA AND BRITAIN SELLS BILLIONS WORTH OF ARMS TO YEARLY. The same country Trump defends when it is criticized. Why should AJ and Ruiz be moralized, when the leaders of their respective countries are dealing in billions with the same country. Saud Aribia`s military is also trained in both countries. A Saudi officer just shot nearly a dozen navy workers in the USA 3 days ago.

  • These kind of excuses make me think less of him then if he had just said he tried hard but tonight the better man won. He just demoted himself from gladiator to barfly.

  • fwiw, my opinion is that when fighters come into an event, as the “I could not care less and have no self-respect” loser that ruiz did, such fighters are also spitting in the faces of people who pay to see them, and who make their livings by supporting them…as they are even showing disrespect for their competitors.
    to wit, Joshua won the fight and even though he had no control over ruiz being more interested in partying than his responsibilities, he did not beat the same fighter who beat him last time….and ruiz looked bad enough physically, even then.
    this whole thing was an ethical robbery, and ruiz was the perpetrator. indeed, even for those of us who bought a yearly subscription to DAZN, while it is true that we did not pay for this specific fight, we got rippped off too (I am not blaming DAZN for this, as they are victims too, they did not make this match and even if they did, even matchmakers can only do so much to ensure some integrity in what we pay for).
    the state licensing people?; they essentially and at least theoretically, allowed ruiz to expose himself to injury that he might not sustain were he in condition for the fight. is fighter safety not the number one rule of the game?
    were I in a position to involve or not, ruiz in any future matches, he would be way down the list of fighters that I would have anything to do with until and unless he proved that he could do his job and be worthy support from people who work hard for their money.
    indeed, if the average worker performed, so to say, on his/her job, the way ruiz did, they would probably not keep it for long.

    • Neil, it’s not the commission’s job to babysit these guys. If he passed medical, shouldn’t that be enough?

  • I didn’t see the fight but have read many complaints that Joshua ran and barely threw any punches. If Joshua only threw 100+ punches it sure looks like he had a connection rate greater than 85% judging by Ruiz’s face.

    • People who say that don’t know boxing at all. The sport is hit and not get hit. AJ fought a brilliant fight and showed his boxing skills. “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”

      Also, a more in shape Ruiz might have caught up with AJ and punched his lights out. No way the Ruiz that showed up could do that.

  • He’s a young man who grew up poor he had some fun with his money and paid for it lets see a trilogy win or lose Andy in good shape is a force to be reckoned with he’s still young.

  • Funny, before the match all one was hearing was that this guy was in the shape of his life, and he will win even earlier this time. Now it is all excuses. Dude shut your trap, you had 6 months to prepare for this.

  • Whatever dude. I’m a fan, but that’s an unacceptable excuse. There are so many cases before to know not to be partying before a fight.

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