Andrade: I’m giving Keeler the beating of his life

Andrade Beach
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA
WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (28-0 17 KOs) has laughed off challenger Luke Keeler (17-2-1 5 KOs) branding him ‘deluded’ as he prepares to defend his world title against the Irishman at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami on Thursday, live on DAZN in the US and on Sky Sports in the UK.

“Delusional? That’s a good one!” said Andrade. “I’ll give Luke credit where it’s due, it’s hard to get people to get in there with me and it’s his first world title fight, so I am expecting him to bring his A-game.

“I’m bringing mine too as I know what it’s like. I’ve been to the Olympics and to me there’s no bigger platform, but this is a massive stage and no other fighter or network has done this, I’m going to give him the beating of his life. He’s said that he would fight me for free, I’d say that you should want to get paid because these shots don’t come easy! I’m just very excited to get things in motion and prepare myself to get in great shape.

“I’ve never watched a lot of fighters, I just concentrate on me. It’s all about me and doing what I need to do to beat anyone that’s put in front of me, and that’s get in shape, stay fast, work on my range and timing. Whatever is being brought to me, through my work ethic and preparation I am able to weather any storm, adjust, land the shots I need to land and relax, because I’ve been doing this for a very long time and there’s nothing I haven’t seen style-wise.

“I’ll never get too comfortable though and think ‘I’m better than you so I don’t have to train’ – every fight is a multi-million dollar fight because if I don’t perform and win, the opportunities go out the window. I don’t slack on one punch or one training session because of that.”

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  • how come andrade doesn’t fight often? he owns part the middleweight championship. I mean I’ve only seen this guy fight maybe twice, why so many champions only fight once a year. it’s definately not like the old days

  • Keeler made a big Boo Boo by calling Demetrius delusional. Keeler will get a big BOO BOO shortly.

  • Andrade the king of boring fights should make this a worthwhile viewable event with this taxi driver.
    Hopefully he steps it up soon or remain the dud of watchable middle weights.

  • The reason why he has trouble getting fights, boring as hell…Boo Boo? Yeah, that’s what the crowd does at his fights…He will eventually get KOed or lose a lopsided decision if/when he ever fights anyone good…Luke Keeler? Why even fight this bum who has a 25% KO rate and is just plain awful…

  • Yea sure dude whatever you say. Watching Andrade fight is about as thrilling as watching paint dry. No wait. I’d rather watch paint dry. Every time I’ve seen this dude fight I literally fell asleep so he’s good for my one thing—- insomnia!

  • This is the problem with multiple alphabet belts in weight classes. The top 5 for the WBO middleweight are as follow, 1. Jaime Munguia
    2. Alantez Fox 3. Luke Keeler 4. Michael Zerafa
    5. Kanat Islam. At least Boo Boo is fighting a top 5 within his sanctioning organization. Munguia and Zefara just fought recently which ruled them out. If your division is full of no names then you really are at a disadvantage. Andrade will continue to get bypassed from named boxers because he brings very little to the table draw wise. I don’t understand why he re-signed with the same promotional company that hasn’t blossomed his career at all, just look at his upcoming “Thursday night” fight as a perfect example.

  • Andrade talks a good game against lesser opponents. Hopefully he and another talker Charlo meet each other after this defense.

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