Andrade beats Sulecki, still WBO middle champion

By Jason Marchetti at ringside
Photos: Emily Harney

WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade (28-0, 17 KO’s) defeated Maciej Sulecki (28-2, 11 KO’s) to retain the WBO belt Saturday night at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Andrade’s hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. The card was promoted by Matchroom Boxing USA and it was televised by DAZN and Sky Sports.
Andrade Sulecki0009
Andrade dropped Sulecki in the 1st round landing hard, wild, left hooks. Sulecki took a pounding but survived the round. In round 3, it was more power and speed from the champion as Andrade’s timing and precision wouldn’t allow Sulecki to score at all. Andrade kept Sulecki at bay with his jab to the chin, and when the opportunity arose, came in with the left all night from a variety of angles. Sulecki had absolutely no answers, in any of the rounds. Andrade’s confidence grew to the point that later in the fight, he was daring Sulecki to hit him with his hands down. The final scores were all 120-107.

Andrade’s tremendous conditioning and footwork were the difference and perhaps the best it’s ever been as he for years has been trying to make the case for a middleweight showdown with either Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin. Now, in his prime at age 31 and with Promoter Eddie Hearn behind him, he is the final link to the unification of the middleweight division.

After the fight, Andrade said, “Canelo, where your cahones at? I’m ready to go in September. Let’s put it all on the line and have one champion!”

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  • Andrade is a smart, fast, strong, masterful defensive, BORING boxer, NO ONE is going to pay to see his fights.

    He ain’t no Floyd who was a master self promoter and expert marketer. He knew how to pick his opponents because NO ONE wanted to see a Mayweather fight, people payed to see the other guy, Floyd knew how to pick the guys people would pay to see fight.

    • You have everything right except a smart, fast, strong, masterful defensive fighter. Andrade is highly overrated.

    • Juan that comment is spot on. Andrade is sooo boring and hasn’t fought anyone who is really a ‘name’ opponent. Until he stops beating up on no names or has beens he has no right to call out the legitimate champions.

    • No one wanted to see Floyd fight? I think the numbers tell a completely different story.

      • As per what I wrote, Floyd knew how to pick his opponent, fans paid money to see the other guy not pretty boy.

    • Floyd is yesterday’s news. No need to keep bringing him up. Andrade on the other hand, is to put on his track shoes in between rounds once he gets cracked by one of the big boys. His promoter will not place him in danger as he has had a rough year so far. Lol.

    • The people did come to see MAYWEATHER. They came to see him lose. No one cared about the opponent just hopefully he can beat Mayweather.

  • Sulecki probably doesn’t last 4 or 5 rounds with GGG or Canelo. Andrade gives that performance and thinks he should be mentioned in the same name as the aforementioned? Sorry Brian Kenny and Sergio Mora, not a chance.

  • Andrade fights like an amateur. That was not a good performance considering his opponent has no power and been dropped 4 times in the last couple of fights. I Still think Andrade has a shakey chin. Andrade vs. Charlo then the winner takes on GGG or Canelo.

  • I fell asleep from rounds 6-9, when I woke up I could barely stay awake. The commenters are trying too hard pushing boobooring.Glad I am not the only one. The Andrade ****sucking was just over the top.

  • Andrade is a clown as much as Sergio Mora ,. No way is he a threat to GGG or Canelo.. weak boring fighter.

  • Andrade continues to bore the shit out of me! I actually thinks it’s more exciting watching my grass grow

  • Except for an exciting first round, the Andrade-Sulecki fight was as boring as could be. I don’t like the way Andrade moves around the ring, often without throwing punches. He makes those movements even when he’s out of punching range, which wastes a lot of energy. When he does throw, it’s one or two at a time. He also wings a lot of his punches aiming for the fences but missing a lot of them. He looks amateurish when he does that. That said, he is hard to hit because of all that foot and upper body movement, so the opponent has to chase him down to have any chance of landing any shots. He does sometimes lands those punches because they are often coming from left field and the opponent doesn’t anticipate them coming.

    The announcers were split on whether or not he should win rounds, even when he’s not throwing and landing punches. Sergio Mora talked about ring generalship, but I call it boring. I look for clean, effective punches landed, not all that movement to no effect.

    Sulecki was hesitant to let his hands go because Andrade was usually out of range by the time he decided to counter Andrade’s shots. He wasn’t quick enough on his feet to deal with that style. It was a clear decision win for Andrade, but I don’t see his fighting style drawing a crowd, much less tempt Golovkin or Canelo to step into the ring with him.

    Andrade won, but over the long run, he lost. His style won’t send me running to the TV set to watch him fight.

    • Andrade can’t keep an opponent down, save his life. He has no punch, just awkward movement. I hope I never have to sit through another one of fights.

  • Are you joking? Andrade looked terrible. Wild swings, missing most of his punches. He has no power. The bullshit showboating…the guy is an overrated fraud!

  • Seems to me he would lose to GGG and Canelo and probably Jacobs and Saunders, too. Seems to be trying to achieve something like what Saunders does in the ring, but Saunders does it a lot better in my view.

  • Unification ain’t happening. Neither Canelo or Golovkin want to fight anyone but each other. Golovkin would rather face “new fighters” and Canelo only. They justify it by saying things like “he’s boring, hasn’t fought anyone or hasn’t done anything” instead of demanding a unified division and let the chips fall where they may,

  • This guy is pound for pound the best at making me drowsy. I think i found the cure for insomnia. No sleeping pill is more effective than watching Andrade fight. The next time my kids act up I’m going to punish them by making them watch this guy fight!

  • Sulecki gave a far better showing against Jacobs, a fight that I thought he should have won in a very close fight, Andrade seems to be the real deal with a high skill level that could conceivably out box Canelo.

  • As much as I dislike Cinderella Alvarez, I hope it happens and Alvarez I whoop this clown’s butt. He’s a real life ahole and a real life bore . Zzzzzzz

  • If he was such an easy fight GGG and Canelo would fight him.
    He beats both easy.
    He is the best in his weight class.

  • Great Champ Andrade!!! He has every Offensive and Defensive move in the book, and he backs every one of them up with full PASSION! “One way” Sulecki still has much more development to undertake, and be driven by PASSION too! Mr. S lacked in every offensive category, and had no answer for the way Andrade moved defensively! If Sulecki managed just one Combination during the fight, I would like to see it again? Magnificent performance Andrade, you deserve all the accolades people give you!! I don’t see how Canelo could beat you? GGG might have a better chance, but would have to show the full potential he has, much like Andrade just showed! Andrade showed everything he had, which was far too much for Sulecki to handle! From an initial “Doubter,” Have a long reign Champ!! T.

    • Andrade has to make noise in the airways and online. He dies neither, and his promoters don’t help. He could make some decent money, but he has to move fast before he gets exposed. I would love to see GGG have a couple more paydays, but he won’t. The number one reason, and let’s be honest, is because he is clean. At his age, his body can no longer keep up with the demands of the sport. If he was juicing like Mr. Beef, he would have much more left in the tank.

  • Agree that GGG and Canelo are not looking for Andrade. When GGG and Canelo can make so much $ in May of 2020 fighting eachother, why would either of them go with Andrade in September 2019? If you don’t make GGG vs Canelo 3 by May of 2020, when would you? May 2020 would be right after GGG’s 38th birthday. Golovkin signs to fight one of this guys in his 2nd fight in 2019: Steven Butler CAN, Alantez Fox USA , Jeff Horn (Oriental) AUST, Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Kamil Szeremeta, Esquiva Falcao, Jason Quigley, Liam Williams, and he’ll set up the 3rd Canelo fight

  • Most boring fighter out there in the middle weight division, run, run the wide over hands, GGG would be chasing him all night. Boring fight last night better knock someone out first before calling out GGG.

  • No excuse for ggg and canelo refusing to fight andrade and Charlo. When a fighter who you don’t like is exciting like wilder you complain and dismiss when a fighter you don’t like is techno and defensive you complain and dismiss. Just a bunch of brazen disgusting hypocrites

  • What is missing in everyone’s assessment is that although Mr. Andrade has the courage and enthusiasm. He is not being taught boxing science. We have shared [the old] Manfredo’s Gym [in Rhode Island] and the Petronelli AC [in Brockton MA] and Mr. Andrade has not grown into a scientific boxer in the past ten years. Many boxers have the ‘goods,’ but by and large [many] hinder themselves by not hiring fistic engineers to propel them to malleable.

  • I was at the fight and in the middle of the fight the fans were booing. Fans near me were saying Andrade would have no chance against GGG and Canelo. Andrade fights like an amateur. I think he needs a new trainer and more educated team around him. Good thing the beers kept me going I was ready to bounce from the Dunkin donut center.

  • watched the entire fight and would have to say “a Michael Spinks you aint”!Against Canelo ,GGG you would get slaughtered as you telegraph your punches ,your defence leaves a lot to be desired and you certainly wont have time to “show Boat” as you did against your game but less skilled opponent. And you couldnt put him away after your first round onslaught. A pretty ordinary display Boo Boo!

  • you guys need to remember, sweet science is hit without getting hit and andrade delivered. if you guys think GGG or canelo would walk thru him you guys are wrong, he is a tough out for all of them.

  • >