Adams knocks out Bohachuk in eight

Photo: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/Ring City USA

“Contender” winner, former world title challenger, and current WBC #7 at middleweight Brandon “The Cannon” Adams (22-4, 14 KOs) scored a spectacular eighth round KO over previously unbeaten WBC #7, IBF #9 super welterweight Serhii “El Flako” Bohachuk (18-1, 18 KOs) on Thursday night in an outdoor ring erected outside the Felix Pintor Gym in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Bohachuk appeared headed to victory when Adams exploded a left hook on his chin and dropped him to end it. At the time of the stoppage Adams was behind 69-63, 68-64, 68-64. Time was 2:47.

“He was a tough guy,” said Adams. “He brought another side out of me that I knew was inside. I had to dig in deep tonight and use all the strength that I had to connect with one of those punches from the cannon.

“It was real tough fighting in there tonight. The ring was wet. The ref was against me tonight. It was an uphill battle. I am an explosive fighter and I couldn’t take advantage of that because I didn’t have my legs under me because the ring was wet. But even though I was irritated, the show must go on. I am a pro. I have to figure out how to get the W and that’s what I had to do. I am grateful for the win. I loved Puerto Rico, everyone out here embraced me with love.”

Bohachuk’s head trainer Manny Robles said, “I thought he was dominating the fight. I told him to watch out for that left hook. I told him if he took away that left hook then he would control the fight. It takes a couple of rounds for Serhii to get warmed up, but he looked good and his defense was actually really improving until that knockout.”

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  • Was this a scheduled 8 round fight? If so, that makes it all the more dramatic. I’ve never seen Bohachuk fight, but he sounded like a terror; kinda like the Russian Edgar Berlanga, haha! I would love to have seen this fight-ain’t nothing like a come from behind, upset, KO victory!

    • It was a 10 round fight, they actually streamed it live on Twitch for free, It was an excellent fight and an awesome finish, but that ring was so dangerously slippery, they both were having problems the entire fight.

    • Just goes to show. You never know what’ll happen after that bell rings.

      • I wasn’t saying Edgar Berlanga is Russian, I was saying Bohachuk is like the Russian Edgar Berlanga, because of his KO record. Not funny I know, but kind of a joke! I guess it will be necessary to point out that Bohachuk is more specifically, Ukrainian.

  • It is about time that these ridiculous painted logos disappear from ring canvases. They often reduce friction for the boxers’ shoes and create a dangerous problem…That said, my hat is off to both men in the main event. They both showed a lot of class, something usually missing in boxing today.

  • El flako wasn’t dominating, the referee stunk, Adam’s with his experience should have won which he did, El flako did not look like a typical eastern European fighter, so it did not surprise with the outcome!!!

  • This loss will not hurt Bohachuk, It’ll help him in the future. Congrats to two classy warriors…

  • It looked like Adams’ left hook to the body was bothering Bohachuck and he started dropping his right. As soon as he did Adams went for the chin.

  • The ring was slippery and dangerous for all fighters on the card. It was hard for the punchers to generate power under the slippery conditions. That said, Adams finally figured out that the best way to fight Bohachuk was to attack him with combinations and not go bulling in head first. He was having success with going low early and fighting inside. He eventually started moving but was still within punching range and was hit often.

    However, once he straightened up a little and attacked with leverage on his punches, he was finally able to hurt Bohachuk. The key was to get Bohachuk on his heels and on defense. Hard to do but Adams finally was able to do it in the 8th round. Bohachuk’s defense is really subpar. His offense is his defense.

    Bohachuk was not fast and was very hittable. He took a lot of clean shots throughout the fight. He was winning on high volume output and a relentless, stalking approach. Adams was quicker and much more mobile. That mobility wasn’t helping him because Bohachuk’s advantages in height and reach kept Adams within punching range even while moving.

    I was not surprised by the KO. Adams was catching Bohachuk cleanly and often. The only question was, could he hurt Bohachuk? By the 8th round, Bohachuk was wearing down and getting somewhat complacent. The aggressive two-fisted attack by Adams took him by surprise and put him back on his heels. To his credit, Adams pushed for the KO once he had Bohachuk staggered.

    It was a great victory for Adams. However, his physical limitations will always put him at risk against fighters with height and reach advantages. On to bigger and better things for Adams. Back to the drawing board for Bohachuk. He really needs to shore up his defense. He gets hit too cleanly and easily in his fights.

    • AP-Thank you for your descriptive analysis. I didn’t see the fight and it paints a picture of how the fight went. I’ve never seen Bohachuk fight, but whenever you have a KO artist like that, there’s gonna be interest… from me anyway. There are always questions: Is this guy for real? Who has he been fighting? Does he have a chin? (A lot of big punchers don’t) This derailment anwers some of the questions for now.

  • Adams started fast and then was taken over and behind scoring a late ko.

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