Adamek likes chances vs. Big Baby

“I could fight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (21-0, 18 KO) in Chicago – why not? Fans would not be disappointed because I like to do some hit and dance in the ring and Jarrell is a true old school heavyweight, who is not afraid to mix it up. Great fight to watch,” says former light heavyweight/cruiserweight champion and heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek (53-5, 31 KO). Adamek has won his last three fights and looked better than he was in years in his last one in dismantling Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell.

When Jarrell Miller’s fight was announced by DAZN for October 6 in Chicago, various reports – and Big Baby in many interviews – linked himself with another Polish heavyweight, Artur Szpilka. Since then, we already know that “The Pin” decided to fight again Poland (most likely against Mariusz Wach on November 10), and Adamek who is preparing for possible return in autumn, became a hot topic of conversation for next possible bouts. “Góral”, currently ranked higher than Szpilka, has no problem to be part of Chicago show.

“I’m already training for a couple of weeks, working in the gym, running at least five miles a day, doing some shadow boxing. Never been a guy who sits home and does nothing, not my character. Planning a mini training camp in Florida, with my coach Gus Curren for next week: staying busy and in shape. No problem with weight, always around 227, thank God never had any significant injuries. All my test results are telling me that, I’m closer to 30 than to 41,” said Adamek.

After very entertaining April fight against hard-hitting southpaw Joey Abell, Adamek name was mentioned as a possible opponent for various fighters – Kubrat Pulev among them – but for now, the former champion likes the idea of confronting Miller.

“I could fight Jerrell in Chicago – why not? Fans would not be disappointed, because I like to do some hit and dance in the ring and Jerrell is a true old school heavyweight, who is, just like me, not afraid to mix it up. Great fight to watch. In one of his last fights, he beat Mariusz Wach, who is a friend of mine, and like my chances against Miller’s style. Busy jab, straight rights, some left hooks – Miller gives you a chance to hit him, and I always been known to be a very opportunistic guy. Give me an opening – I will make you pay!”

“Adamek vs. Miller makes sense for both fighters – especially in Chicago,” commented “Góral’s” manager, also well known Polish sports media personality, Matusz Borek (MB Promotions). “It’s hard to believe but one of the greatest fighters in Polish boxing history fought in Chicago only three times – in 2005 and 2006, both epic championship battles against Paul Briggs – and for the last time a decade ago, when he started his career as a cruiserweight. When people are talking Adamek now, they talk about his age – 41. It’s a mistake – fans should watch his fights, make their own opinion. I had a privilege of covering his US career since the beginning, and as his friend and promoter during his last training camps. I wish I could turn back time and have this kind of Adamek, after this kind of preparation, when he fought Glazkow in the US and later Szpilka in Poland…”

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