ABC Watch List

By Gregory Sirb

Below are the number of Boxers on the ABC “Watch” List that actually competed in each Commission:

COMMISSION / #of times Boxers on the Watch list competed
New Hampshire / 25
Georgia / 17
Kentucky / 16
Mississippi / 15
Florida / 11
N Carolina / 11
Tennessee / 10
Massachusetts / 8
Virginia / 8
Kansas / 6
Arkansas / 6
Alabama / 4
Colorado / 4
Milli Lacs / 3
N Mexico / 2
S Carolina / 2
W Virginia / 2
Minnesota / 2
Louisiana / 1
Wisconsin / 1
Texas / 1
Oklahoma / 1


Zanfer playing best cards for 2021
Niyomtrong ready for action

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  • Did any of those boxers compete against each other? If so, it’s understandable. If not, some of those state commissions need to get their act together, certainly the ones with double digits.

    • The question is, HOW WELL ARE THEY COMPETING. Mr. Peltz, you are a hall of famer correct? You know very well, any fighter that is not “managed” and just takes fights here and there, more than likely their records could look similar to these. Boxing and its hypocrisy smh

  • For those who remember Charles Brewer, check out his boxrec page. Brewer was one of the better Super Middleweights in the late 90s, and held the IBF belt for awhile. His first two losses, however, came against a fellow named Robert Thomas. Thomas was 10-41-3 going into their first fight, and 15-41-3 going into the rematch. Thomas won a split decision in both fights.

    Speaking of Brewer, if you haven’t seen his fight with Antwun Echols, I highly recommend you check that out. It’s on YouTube. Great fight. The fun starts in the second round.

  • The matchups in New Hampshire are truly the most pathetic that I have seen, but most State commissions are a joke. They couldn’t care less about the boxers or the public, only the money. Heck, in Michigan, even a one-eyed (he had a glass eye) boxer was permitted to fight. I kid you not.

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