Superfly Press Conference Quick Quotes

By Miguel Maravilla

Photo: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/K2 Promotions

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez: “I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to fight Rungvisai once again. I come with a big desire to win this fight and bring back my title to Nicaragua. You will see a great fight September 9th and may the best man win.”

Juan Francisco Estrada: “I am happy to be here. These are some of the best in the world. I consider myself a warrior. I respect my opponent, Carlos is one of the best and you will see a good fight September 9th.”

Carlos Cuadras: “I’m happy for this fight. I like to fight the best. “Gallo” (Rooster) Estrada is one of them. I know it will be a tough fight. I am training to fight a rooster, not a chick.”

Antonio Nieves: “September 9th, I will do what I do and come fight. Everyone is talking about him but I will shock the world.”

Brian Viloria: “To be on this card September 9th, it’s an honor. Everyone here is a potential Hall of Famer. This will be a great card. See you all September 9.”

Tom Loeffler: “We have so many great fighters on this card. The fans are gonna be the one who wins that night. Stub Hub is a natural place for this fight. There will be fireworks in the ring and it will be pure excitement with these matchups.”