NSAC: Adalaide had a bad night

The controversial 118-110 scorecard in the Golovkin-Alvarez fight submitted by veteran Las Vegas boxing judge Adalaide Byrd has received widespread criticism from media and fans alike. She shockingly awarded only two rounds to Gennady Golovkin Saturday night in a fight many thought he won or at least was very close.

However, despite the blowing the scoring, NSAC executive director Bob Bennett defended her. He acknowledged her score was “a little wide,” but he stated that she is an outstanding judge and he still has full confidence in her. “I’ll go over the fight with Adalaide round by round,” Bennett told the press. “She’ll have to articulate to me what she saw, how she saw it, why she scored each round the way she did, and then we’ll continue to move forward from there.”

He continued, “There’s not one person sitting in this audience, that whatever their profession is hasn’t had a bad night. She was off her mark tonight, so we will take appropriate action. We will go over the fight, we’ll look at it round by round, and we’ll continue to move forward.

“By and large, I can tell you we train very hard here, we prepare for the fights, I do a lot of background before I make my recommendation to the chairman and the commissioners for the officials. Unfortunately, and I’m responsible for it, Adalaide had a bad night.”

In addition to judging fights, Byrd also does a great deal of the training for Nevada boxing judges, so it’s unlikely she’ll be going anywhere soon.

Her compensation for the fight wasn’t readily available, although it is public record. Judges for major Las Vegas fights have been previously paid up to $20,000 each. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

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