Mayweather-McGregor NYC Presser

Profanity Warning: The f-bomb fest known as the Mayweather-McGregor press tour made its way to Brooklyn on Thursday. This time, Floyd made it “rain” by throwing bills into the air.

McGregor: They’re all fucking ones. Where’s the real money at?
Mayweather: That’s all you’re worth.

Mayweather: This ain’t shit but a circus clown. And a pussy. I ain’t never quit. And never will….He’s a con artist. He’s a quitter. Real fighters don’t quit. You fucking eejit.
McGregor: Fuck you.
Mayweather: You fucking eejit.
McGregor: Fuck you and your high heels.
Mayweather: You fucking eejit.
McGregor: Get them high heels off you little fucking squirt.
Mayweather: You fucking eejit. You fucking circus clown. You ho. You stripper. You bitch. I run this show. This is my ho. And I threw one dollar bills on this bitch. That’s a $3 million fighter against an $800 million fighter. I ain’t running nowhere but to the bank!