Jarrell Miller: Same man 24/7, telling the truth

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“Mariusz Wach is definitely a step up. I know his weaknesses, and seemingly everyone knows mine… until they realize how big and well conditioned, hard-hitting I am. I’m going hard (at him). It’s going to be fun,” says undefeated heavyweight contender “Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (19-0, 17 KOs).

Photo: Anthony B Geathers

Big Baby talks about his (hopefully) upcoming fight against 6’7 Mariusz Wach (33-2, 17 KOs), shares some interesting opinions about WBA/IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and jokingly explains why he doesn’t want to have “normal” fans…

Waiting for the official announcement of your November 11 fight with Mariusz Wach?

Not sure about waiting… but we all know how boxing is. Nothing is for sure before it’s signed, delivered. I know who Wach is, have known about fighting him for about 3-4 weeks. We’re supposed to be fighting November 4, so yeah, I’ve been in the gym, working and training. He’s got enough time to get good also. Let’s hope he puts these “protein shakes” away in time…

Is Wach an upgrade comparing to guys you fought before?

Wach has more experience than Washington, so he’s a step-up opponent. He went 12 rounds with Wladimir Klitschko. He went 10 rounds with Alexander Povetkin, but was never down. Definitely, a step up. I know his weaknesses, and seemingly everyone knows mine… until they realize how big and conditioned I am. I’m going hard (at him). It’s going to be fun.

What are the other things that people seemingly know about Jarrell Miller – that are wrong?

JM: They see a big guy… but not a conventional, physique boxing big guy. I’m more like a middle linebacker for New York Giants. I’m a very big, husky guy, but I’m not fat. People assuming stuff about me, stuff that’s wrong but It’s OK because I’m not normal. I don’t fight normal, I don’t act normal, I’m not shaped normal, so it’s all good because I don’t want to have normal fans either.

…but your very best friend, fellow undefeated fighter Adam Kownacki looks like a very normal guy!

Adam? Normal? That crazy big kid? No way. We are not the big, muscular guys you see around but I can GUARANTEE you that we punch just as hard and we punch MORE than they do. Adam proved it on many occasions. Szpilka just looked the part, but his chin could not keep up with Adam’s pace.

I’m hearing from all these people about Anthony Joshua, ‘He’s a beast,’ this and that. And I’m like ‘yeah, he’s drinking a lot of these “protein shakes” to get that way.’ I’m telling people that when he turned pro he was in the high 220s, and two years later he’s around 250. Which is still small compared to me, when you’re comparing someone who is naturally a big guy to somebody who is genetically modified to be big. Really – it’s too much for his frame!

People can think whatever they think but I will guarantee you that I have a better chin than Anthony Joshua, a better jab than Anthony Joshua, I go to the body way better than Anthony Joshua…and I know this for a fact: I have a better boxing IQ than Anthony Joshua. The thing is – when I get put in front of Anthony Joshua, I will crush him like a Doritos chip. It’s just a matter of time.

I have a crucial question. Should I use quotation marks every time you say “protein shakes?”

JM: Yes! Of course! It’s fun, it’s like me poking them with a jab, something like that. Fun thing about boxing – this is not the NFL where you can get fined saying that. But even if they would fine me, I’d be still talking shit. I am who I am. Anybody can put a front… but it’s hard, man! Why would you want to be different when cameras go on and off? Why would any company have somebody as their face who we know is fake? It means their brand is fake also! It’s just stupid. I’m Jarrell Miller, same man 24/7, telling the truth.

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