The 12th Round: Happy Thanksgiving!

By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman’s son

A day to reflect and be in the company of our loved ones but with the challenges that modern life has to offer. Mobile phones are killing the relations within families, they bring you closer to those far away while you completely ignore those who are near you. I invite you at least for today, to put down your phone, look around and cherish the moments that are there for you to enjoy and for others to enjoy your presence.

I also invite you to enjoy the Dallas Cowboys victory!

Our dear friend, legendary outman, Rafael Garcia has passed away. A beautiful person, who will be missed, will receive the services tomorrow Friday, November 24 in Las Vegas at Davis Funeral Home.

AIBA has finally taken a step in the right direction and dismissed former President Wu. Let’s all hope that amateur boxing will see its rebirth with a new administration which must have amateur boxing and its development as its only intention with the safety of the fighters as a priority and not the commercial and financial interests that AIBA has had during Wu’s presidency which brought amateur boxing to its lowest level ever.

The WBC offers absolute support to AIBA and will participate in any form or manner through the WBC Amateur committee if needed.

WBC Amateur continues with great results. In Mexico, it has supporter “Academias CONADE,” which is a national program to find talented athletes to offer them an opportunity to be drafted and receive a scholarship at the CNAR. There will be a sensational tournament in Chicago at the end of this month and there are multiple events in different countries. Amateur boxing is the basis of our sport and we must protect its integrity and development.

Last week was spectacular for Mexico in sports and to the WBC structure.

We went to the SENATE of Mexico. The WBC administering the “BoxVal” Program accompanied Pope Francis foundation “Scholas Ocurrentes” to inaugurate an exhibition of paintings from the kids of Jojutla, Morelos who are victims of the earthquake and through ScholasArts were able to express their trauma and found relief.

Beyond Sport held its first event in Mexico with great success. Founder and President Nick Keller and his sensational staff held a 3-day program which included the community action and day of presentations, awarded the first beyond Sport Mexico award and laid the foundations of the new era of Social Responsibility through sports in Mexico.

“Heroes de Mexico” was launched. Heroes of Mexico a concept which unites all into one voice of greatness. We all can be heroes and all have been inspired by those heroes in sports who have placed Mexico’s name at the top through their heroic achievements.

For the first time ever, the three icons of Mexico in sports were together, Never before had Julio Cesar Chavez, Hugo Sanchez and Fernando Valenzuela had been in the same place at the same time. The WBC worked very hard with Congressman Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin and Alazraki Sports with Alejandro Hütt to make this happen.

They were joined by Lorena Ochoa (Golf), Ana Gabriela Guevara (400 m), and Maria del Rosario Espinoza (TaeKwonDo) to launch “Heroes de Mexico.”

WBC champion in the middleweight division Gennady Golovkin conquered the hearts of Mexico as he visited to make a statement. GGG was honored as a hero of Mexico during the NFL halftime show in the Patriots vs. Raiders game at Aztec Stadium.

He then visited, in the company of Mexico City Minister of Health Dr. Armando Ahued, the Moctezuma Children’s hospital and brought toys and lots of love to those little champions battling cancer and also received the distinguished visitor citation and Keys of the city from Mexico City Governor Miguel Angel Mancera.

I was humbled by GGG’s greatness as a human being. He is the role model of what a WBC champion must represent and is an example to all on how to live a life with dedication, passion, gratitude, and loyalty. A family man making others lives a better one.

I am proud to have GGG as a WBC champion and ambassador.

Please enjoy your turkey, don’t eat too much and cherish every single moment in the company of your loved ones, hug them, kiss them and tell them how much you love them!!!!!

Thank you, I welcome any comments,ideas or suggestions at

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